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#349: More anime stuff

Right now fansubs of Comic Party and Okusma wa Joshikousei (OwJ) are trickling into my system, and I don't know what to expect from them.

Well, I've heard one opinion of CP already, anyway...

I've finally gotten the first four episodes of OwJ in their entirety, so I can watch a few and see how they go. CP is coming in at the dreadfully slow rate of about 7kB per second; when you're talking about an almost 3GB batch torrent that is dreadfully slow. There have been, over the past few days, few machines on the network with those files--now whether that is because of the holiday weekend, or CP just sucking, I don't know. We'll see.

I'm having better luck with OwJ. That's averaging around 13-20 kB/s, depending; but having started it two days after CP, I still have more of it than CP. Go figure.

Ideally I should be getting much higher download speeds than this, but I can not get my torrent client (utorrent) to connect any faster.

The port randomizing and the encryption helped for a little while, but I'm back down to "modem" download speeds again.

I tried making some changes to the router settings and ended up losing my internet access. I had to go do a hard reset on the router in order to be able to use the internet again. *sigh* Anyway, I think I have everything set up correctly.

Part of the problem stems from the fact that, no matter what I do, utorrent claims I don't have an open port for downloading. I don't get it.

Oh well. It's not like it costs anything if it takes longer.

* * *

Japanese is laden with gender-neutral names. I tend to assign gender to unfamiliar names based on what context I heard them in the first time.

For example, the female lead (and tsundere'kko) of Amaenaideyo! is named Chitose--well, I think of "Chitose" as a male name, thanks to Happy Lesson. The same is true of Manaka's first girlfriend in Ichigo 100%; her given name is "Tsukasa", which is the given name of Doumyouji from Hana Yori Dango.

I'm drawing a complete blank on other examples, but I've run into a lot of them over my 13 years as otaku.

Oh--in Ranma 1/2, there is a cross-dressing guy named Tsubasa Kurenai. (Voiced, in the dub, by Saffron Henderson, whose voice I hate.) "Tsubasa" is one of those names.

Okay, not a complete blank, then.

* * *

I have a lot of AD Vision releases from the pre-DVD days, when they released a their sub tapes in hard shells rather than cardstock boxes. I keep meaning to dig those out and re-watch them, but somehow I keep putting it off.

There are a lot of things in that box which did not--as far as I know--make the cut when it came time for ADV to transition its ouerve to DVD. (Or else everything was converted and I just didn't notice it, thinking, "Well, I have that on VHS, so why should I buy it again?")

One of the great tragedies was Mighty Space Miners. It was a hard SF OVA series which was cancelled halfway through, so exactly two episodes of it exist and the story is incomplete. But it's such hard SF that I suspect the original author plotted orbits and did vector calculations when he was writing the thing. As far as I could see from the anime (which could have been changed from the original version) he made one technical mistake: he had the main character hold his breath while undergoing explosive decompression, which can be fatal. I mean, the guy was alternating which eye he had open to keep them from freezing or popping while he jumped from his repair pod to an airlock. (Yeah, the "Bowman Maneuver".)

ADV was good at picking up orphans, though. Another example was Girl From Phantasia, which consisted of one 40-minute episode.

They also translated a number of hentai titles, of course, the most notable of them being the utterly dreadful Urotsukidoji series. (I don't have to see it to pronounce it as such. I have four words for those who would doubt me: "Nazi death-rape machine". Okay?)

I got ahold of End of Summer, not realizing it was hentai; but after seeing the first tape I got the second one because I wanted to see how the story turned out. (Yeah, there was one, which was surprising. It was not bad.)

* * *

Golden Boy was one of those series which should have been longer. There are six episodes, which nicely encapsulate the series, but it would have been fun to see a lot more of it. The dub was better than the sub, because Doug Smith played Kintaro Oe with a lusty abandon which transcended the medium he was working in. As far as I know, that's the only role Doug Smith ever did, but man did he do it well. I missed out on an opportunity to meet Doug Smith (and maybe get his autograph) and I am seriously bummed. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I think that his was the best performance in dubbed anime.

I got a Golden Boy tankoban from somewhere, and it showed that Kintaro had a limerick-inspired special talent for "tucking" such that he could appear to be a flat-chested woman. Of course that story ended more-or-less the way they all do in that series--with him first getting his ass thoroughly kicked by the female lead of that story, and then her discovering the good things he'd done for her while she wasn't looking--but it was entertaining.

Every time a US company involved with manga importing and publishing asked for suggestions, I piped up, "Golden Boy!" but it never happened.

* * *

One of the things I would love to have a copy of is a parody fandub of Otaku no Video that I saw at a con a few years ago. It was brilliant.

Besides that, though, is the parody fandub Ranma 1/3, in which Ranma actually is a cross-dresser. I and my then-GF were at a room party, watching it with about 50 other people, when Steven Bennett--one of the pros at that con--came in.

"Is this a Viz dub?" He asked, and everyone laughed. And then, he asked seriously, "No--is it?" The dub was that well-executed.

I'd love to have copies of those. Neither of them is family-friendly, though, since there are a lot of sex jokes.

What I do have a copy of is Peeon Hentai Evanjellyon, which is a parody fansub of the first ep of Evangelion and which--while humorous--really isn't all that great.

* * *

Finally, I saw the last episode of Piano and was satisfied with the ending. It was not exactly what I was hoping for--I wanted more denouement--but at the end of the series you know what happened, and what's going to happen next, so it's all good.

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