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#3493: Try "Sandman", not "Joker"

The evil bastard that shot up that movie theater was clearly trying to be Sandman. Tear gas instead of sleep gas, but he had the gas mask. I don't know the significance of the red wig.

Yeah, I know far too much about comics for my own good.

* * *

I think Salman Rushdie should give up his armed bodyguards. It's easy for a rich and famous liberal who can afford to hire armed guards to complain about the gun laws in the US, because he's got nothing to worry about: if someone attacks him, his hired guns will make the bad man go away.

But if you can't afford that? Too bad. Better luck next time!

* * *

Another (short) post about yesterday being the 43rd anniversary of the first men on the Moon. Why? Not because I like beating a dead horse, but because of this:
66 years from the sands of North Carolina, wood, cotton fabric and a small gasoline powered engine, to the massive rockets of the Saturn V. Quite a leap.
I could almost smell the gasoline and the sun-warmed wood, and hear the taut cotton fabric hum in the wind.

And to take a mere 66 years to get there from the first powered flight of a fully-controllable airplane!

The Moon landing took place about 22 years after the first supersonic flight. 12 years after Sputnik first orbited the Earth. Eight years after the first man went to space.

Well...and came back alive. Read Heinlein's Expanded Universe for the story he tells about when he and Virginia were in the USSR and there was briefly a celebration about how the USSR got the first man into orbit--only to have the entire story just disappear later the same day. From "We got a man into space!" to "What? There was no launch today. What are you talking about?" in less than six hours.

Anyway, the image at that AoSHQ post shows the LEM, and I can't tell from the pic whether it's on ascent or descent phase--but the Moon surface in the background is an excellent demonstration of how close the horizon looks when you're on a body that's smaller than the Earth.

* * *

Ah, a 27% tax on liquor in Washington state. Liquor sales have been privatized after a referendum, but the state slapped a 27% tax on private liquor sales because the state is losing the revenue of being the liquor monopoly.

And government can never be expected to get by with less money. Ever.

Result? Lots of people are going to Oregon to buy their liquor, and Washington state is getting nothing from those sales. Heh. That "unintended consequences" thing is a bitch, aina?

* * *

I really hope this doesn't mean I'm a metrosexual, but I bought a bath pouf the other day.

Ever since puberty I have had trouble with pimples on my legs. It's not just me; my Dad was the same way. Like my father before me I'm a greasy German and I get a crapton of keratin plugs in my pores, which then (of course) get infected and turn into pimples.

Since Lemonzen and I became an item, I've been a lot more self-conscious about this stuff than usual, even though she tells me not to worry about it. It's annoying, anyway, which is good enough reason to do something about it.

But a mere washcloth no longer seems to do the trick, and anyway it takes too much force, so when I saw the huge bin of bath poufs at K-mart the other day, I thought, Why not try it? It's $2, for crying out loud.

I tried it this morning when I showered. It's kind of like a Brillo pad for human skin, but now when I run my hand over my legs I don't feel a bunch of tiny prickles from keratin plugs. Hopefully, regular use of this thing will keep the zits to a minimum.

No, I'm not going to start using face cream and all that faggy shit.

* * *

Dinner last night was General Tao's Chicken, and I rode the motorcycle to pick it up. No problems, and the rear tire was still at 24 PSI.

It's been how long since I last rode the thing? If that damn tire hasn't leaked down at all from 24 PSI in more than a week there simply IS NOT a leak in the tire.

Which means some asshat has been letting the air out for reasons which are beyond my comprehension. "Oh, look! It's a motorcycle! I'll let the air out of the tire! DUUURRRRHURRR!!!"


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