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#3494: Sunday, and bleah.

Same old BS: took Xanax, went to bed at 3 AM, tossed and turned for 2.5 hours. I don't remember when it was that I turned off the alarm clock, but there is a memory fragment of me waking up, seeing that it was a little after 8, and shutting it off. My next memory is of waking up again and seeing that it was 9:15.

Now, if I'd taken that Xanax at 11 PM, it would have knocked me out immediately and kept me asleep for at least four hours. But because I took it at 3 AM, it didn't do jack shit. Why would a medication with a sedating side effect actually, y'know, sedate me when I need it to? That's just crazy. Next thing you know I'll be expecting ibuprofen's anti-inflammatory side effect to reduce swelling.


* * *

Lemonzen saw the Batman movie last night and told me the security at the theater was crazy.

...she guessed that they were guarding against "copycats", which seems reasonable. Anyway, she gave the movie a good review and suggested that we ought to go see it together.

I'm so not into movies anymore. There aren't very many that interest me enough to want to see them in the theater. But the latest Batman one sounds decent.

Really, I'm out of the habit of even thinking about seeing movies in the theater. For the past nine years I've had a couple of choices: go by myself, or try to cajole and finagle Sailor V into going, or (up until 2010) take my Mom.

Go by myself: nah. Hate that.

Take Mom: Mom wasn't really interested in movies but there were a few we went to see, like the Lord of the Rings movies and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which--if memory serves--was the last movie I saw in the theater. But she didn't think much of superhero movies, or movies like Prometheus, so there we are.

Sailor V: ...the guy makes socializing with him a chore by never being ready on time, and never being self-starting. If I want to, say, invite him over for an evening of anime, I have to call him five times (usually three on the day itself) and remind him of the impending event for a few days in advance. And then I have to go pick him up and drop him off at home because (at least, until recently) he had neither car nor driver's license.

What I can't do is say, "Hey, how about we go see [movie] on Friday?" and then--without my having to do anything else--we actually go see [movie] on Friday, where we get to the theater early enough that the previews haven't started much less the movie itself and we don't have to find seats in the dark.

"Three on the day itself": one call to find out if he's capable of going, one call to find out if he's actually getting ready...and then he insists that I call before leaving the house to pick him up. "I'm leaving in about fifteen minutes." "Well, call me before you do." "Why? I'm leaving in 15 minutes and it'll take me about fifteen or twenty to drive over there...."

Yeah, so you see, that's why I don't go see movies with Sailor V.

All this being the case, going to see movies has become much less of a priority for me even before considering the craptastic formulaic shitfests Hollywood has been pumping out for more than a decade. (Not to mention films based on board games. *whimper*)

But now that Lemonzen and I are together, this might change. I might start going to movies again? Holy crap. Can the world take that?

* * *

Right now, however, I've finished eating my ham and cheese bagel, and want only to return to bed for a few more hours of sleep. The Xanax is working now, you betcha!


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