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#3495: Oh yeah...I forgot about that.

Every year, a day or so before Thanksgiving, and Christmas, I used to get a sick headache.

You know the kind--your stomach feels crummy, your head hurts, and you're sure you're coming down with the Black Plague or something. That kind of headache.

Miraculously, it stopped happening after Mom switched to simmering the onions and celery for the stuffing in chicken stock, rather than butter.

Last night, I took Og's suggestion for a steak cookout this afternoon. To make garlic butter for basting ribeye steaks, I simmered two heaping tablespoons of garlic in a stick of butter for about half an hour, and then put this into a glass dish to cool.

...and an hour after that I felt like poo, and continued to feel that crappy until I gave up a bit after midnight and just went to bed.

After Mom's switch to chicken stock ended my sick feelings every year, I should have realized it was, somehow, the butter that did this to me--though I for damn sure don't understand why or how. Butter vapor? Is that what it is? Because it's not the vapors from the cooking onion/celery or garlic that does it to me, it's got to have something to do with the butter these things are being cooked in.

Anyway, those steaks had better come out damn good, because I've already suffered quite a bit for them. *sigh*

* * *

And yeah, I took ibuprofen before going to bed. It helped, but not as much as you'd think. Several hours later I still have a residual headache, but it's better than it was.

* * *

Poverty is booming thanks to Obamanomics. Yeah, Obama's really managing well, isn't he?

And Earnings are lowest since 2008!

For the trifecta, Looks like the International Monetary Fund has decided to stop lending Greece money. Quoth Denninger: "Greece is likely 'ok' for the next month or so, but it will then run out of money."

If this is true, we've got a month before all hell breaks loose. August...a scant three months before the elections.

* * *

A textbook example of why we need tort reform in this country. We need "loser pays" regulations for lawsuits, and we need to emplace caps on civil liabilities, because this kind of thing isn't going to stop happening until we do.

* * *

Earth isn't anywhere near overpopulated. How you could get 7 billion people from a myriad of incompatible cultures to live in a city the size of Texas without the whole thing coming apart at the seams is left as an exercise for ths student, but it would leave the rest of the world almost totally devoid of humans.

In order to support a city that size you still need energy and raw materials, so there would still have to be outposts of humans all over the planet.

Problem is--besides the sociological one--getting energy and food into such a city, and waste materials out, would be a logistical nightmare. It could be done, of course, but it would be an amazingly expensive undertaking because you'd have to build all the infrastructure first and it would have to be massive, and massively redundant. Once the people are moved in, everything will have to work, and all the time if you want to avoid riots.

Anyway, it goes to show how big the Earth actually is compared to the entire human race.

* * *

Predicted high for today: 100°.


Lemonzen was ill yesterday and didn't come down here; but she's probably coming down today. (Hence the garlic butter for the steaks. Heck, hence the steaks themselves.) I was hoping to get her help with a little project in the garage: getting the damned pool table out.

I'm going to prop it up in the front yard with a big "FREE" sign on it (as stated in that big post from last Thursday) and get rid of it that way. But in order to do that, I need to get the MGB dragged out of the way.

If I can get the pool table and the fake fireplace out, that should free up about 20-odd square feet of floor space, and make it easier to get at the rest of the shit in that gigantic crapstack occupying the NE corner of the garage.

(Actually, I'm going to put some fine print on the sign: "no legs, no cues, no accessories. What you see is what you get.")

I say "dragged" because it's not moving very easily these days--probably rust on the rear drums--so I need to hook it up to the Jeep and pull it out. With my luck the drums would free up and it would roll right into the Jeep's front end, so I need someone to sit in the car and pull up on the parking brake when the nose clears the garage door. When I did some cleaning in June, I had to jack the MGB up with the floor jack in order to move it forward by the 8" I needed to park the dirt bike behind it. I could not move it by pushing it and there's no way I'm even gonna try to push that car with the Jeep, not when that car's rear bumper and the Jeep's front bumper are so mismatched in height.

Depending on what time Lemonzen gets here, we might toddle out to the Oriental Market (that's the name of the place!) in Orland Park. I need gyoza! ...and then stop at Menards on the way home to look at a door that could have an air conditioner mounted to it....

But the main thing to get done today is to go to the bank and move some money from savings to checking, and then go grocery shopping. For the first time in a long one I've filled up a page with stuff I need. Some of it is stuff for this evening's feast, but not nearly all.

And despite the heat I'm making a batch of apple crisp, damn it!

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