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Oh my God.

See, I got an e-mail from him this afternoon saying that he'd be in the area and was willing to help me get the old pool table out of the garage.

And I nearly broke my keyboard sending an e-mail back to him that said, essentially, "YES! YES, PLEASE!!!"

So I went outside to start clearing junk out of the way, and by the time he stopped by I was ready to drag the MGB out.

We only had to get the rear bumper even with the garage door in order to have enough room, so we did that, and then made with the de-junkenating.

Holy crap did we clear out a lot of space. In about an hour and a half we got a good couple of feet cleared from in front of the MGB, and more space besides, all the way to the back of the garage.

The empty area got filled in with stuff I don't have the authority to toss, but there's a definite and serious improvement to the floor space in the garage. With a slightly different arrangement I could walk all the way to the back door.

Next bit is to get the aluminum taken to the recycler, because my regular trash barrel is full of crap. Old drywall, useless f-ing paneling scraps from 1982, and so on. Jesus.

Still--hooray. And


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