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#3497: Try "the misuse of biology" instead.

Because the anus is an output-only port. HIV is most easily transmitted via anal sex because the rectum isn't supposed to be used for sexual intercourse. It's not designed (or "evolved" if that's your bag) to get a penis rammed into it repeatedly for several minutes at a time.

* * *

Bloomberg is such a freakin' idiot. He thinks cops should go on strike until guns are outlawed. DrewM at AoSHQ:
put you life where your mouth is and give up your armed security detail. If it's too dangerous out there for cops that they should strike, put them on desk duty where they will be nice and safe. You can then take the same chances you are willing to make the little people take.
SIC, and yeah, I think any liberal who says guns should be illegal ought to be forced to give up his armed security detail.

* * *

You can't sell that stuffed bald eagle, but it's worth $65 million, so pay your taxes on it, asshole.

I hate how taxes work in this country.

* * *

Karl Denninger has two recession predictors:

UPS' earnings are flat.

Richmond Fed report says "recession" in large unfriendly letters.

* * *

More people than ever are on SSI/disability because there are no f-ing jobs out there.

* * *

We're still burning food and it should f-ing stop.

* * *

Firefox is chunking badly right now--it's taking up 50% of my processor bandwidth--which is why this post is "clipped" rather than verbose. Sorry about that.

Naturally the last tab I closed was the one that was hogging all the system resources. I was going to comment on it, too, but decided that if it's making my system slow to a crawl it doesn't deserve the linkage, and I'm not going to bother with discussing it out of context.

It's a regular from my blogroll, too. WTF.

* * *

So naturally after I get the pool table out of the garage and propped up in the front yard with a big sign on it saying "FREE", naturally then it decides it has to rain a lot.

A severe thunderstorm blew through this morning and I watched the wind knock the pool table over. I had it propped up at an angle with the play surface facing the street, and the wind blew it right past vertical and onto its top. *sigh*

If it's still there Thursday, I'm hauling out the Sawzall and hacking it into manageable chunks. Regardless I need to give the garbage hauler a courtesy call on Thursday to inform them of my bigger-than-usual pile of trash. (They don't mind it when you have a big pile to go out--as long as it's an occasional thing--but they do ask for a call giving them some advance notice.)

Important part: it's out of the garage, and with it one of the biggest impediments to further cleaning. I probably won't do much more about that pile until autumn, but WTF it's not going anywhere.

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