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#3498: Three before bed.

Doc appointment at 10:30 this morning, and here I'm still up at 5:15. This is gonna suck.

But these are too good not to link right the hell now.

* * *

Wisconsin Democrats sure know how to FAIL. Millions spent on the "Recall Walker" campaign, only to fail to unseat Governor Walker. They did gain a slight edge in the Wisconsin state Senate, flipping it from Republican- to Democrat-controlled by one vote...which has now changed:
When the [Democrat] party regained control, [Democrat state Senator Jim] Cullen, who had fled with the rest of the Democrats but was willing to work with Walker on reforms after returning to the state, was denied chairman status on any committee. He felt insulted, has walked, and the three-week-long Democratic majority is over.
Way to go, guys! Keep up the good work!

* * *

Borepatch embeds a video I think I embedded once. It's a comedian's rant on Pachelbel's "Canon in D", which has to be the most overused eight notes in all of music.

Pop music requires very, very little musical ability to generate, as the video he embeds below that one will attest. There was another, similar video to that one where a group demonstrates the same chord progression and then performs a medley of all kinds of songs that use it.

* * *

Denninger does another takedown of Bloomberg's idiocy. This time he's taking a whack at that "all the cops should go on strike until guns are outlawed" bullshit.

* * *

I don't think the pool table is going to be taken. That's fine; I've got a chain saw, a circular saw, and a sawzall which need exercising. I'll take it down to chunks a man can lift easily and leave it stacked for the garbage man. I am not putting that thing away again.

I hate to do it, but I'd hate hauling it back into the garage more. And to be honest it was never going back into the house even before it got rained on two days in a row--oh, I thought about fixing it, but it's been in the garage for twenty-three years and in all that time I haven't even begun to do anything about getting it usable again. You could put it on a couple of sawhorses, get it level, and play pool on it; but if you want it to look good the bed really needs recovering, and there are issues with the cabinetry which are probably not fixable unless one is a journeyman cabinetmaker.

(Consumer-grade pool table, vintage 1977. The bed is not pure slate and the cabinetry is primarily particle board--you do the math.)

Still, it's an end of something. My brother and I got that pool table as a combined Christmas present one year. I spent hours playing pool in the basement on that thing. *sigh*

Ave, pool table!

* * *

Now I really must get to bed. I'll probably put another post up after I go to the doc's office.

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