atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3502: I am STILL woozy!

I said that "may cause drowsiness" equaled "don't make any fuckin' plans." Sixteen plus hours of sleep later I've got a bit of a headache because I need food and liquid. (More food than the PBJ I had after the last post, that is.)

I'm still not fit to drive, either. I wonder if I have enough judgement to use the deep fryer safely? ("If you're with it enough to wonder....")

So, to hell with it: ravioli.

I also ended up having a dream that I was Bertie Wooster. That one happened somewhere after I dreamed about being involved in some kind of African brush war, during the filming of an episode of some TV show about a guy living in Africa who had an MGB with twin track drive and submarine capabilities.

It was a bit confusing.

* * *

Denninger calls Rahm a dictator, and I'm not sure he's wrong. Emphasis removed: "It's flatly unconstitutional for government to impose a 'litmus test' on the 'permitting process' for a business or other entity due to the religious beliefs of the owners."

Welcome to the Democrat utopia!

It may be illegal, but frankly there have been a lot of things going on in government over the past four years that have been illegal. The lapdog press doesn't care since it's their boy in the White House that's doing most of it, and he's doing things that they like.

Now imagine if a sitting politician smacked down a newspaper by denying a permit or something, solely because the newspaper said something he didn't agree with. How would that fly? Becuase that is exactly parallel to what old Rahm is doing. The president of Chick-fil-A is a citizen with civil rights which include freedom of expression, and the government is not empowered to punish citizens (or their businesses) based on what they say. In fact, the government is specifically prohibited by the First Amendment from doing so.

Yet the press--who, you would think, would be champions of the freedom of speech!--are just pleased as punch that these guys are doing this.

Even though they're next.

* * *

Romney shows his gun-control bona fides. He's claiming that many of the guns used by the theater shooter in Aurora were "illegal". But they weren't; they were all legal weapons, legally purchased.

The only people who are (mistakenly) claiming that those guns were illegal are anti-gun nuts.

True, the shooter had bombs and artillery shells in his apartment, rigged to go off when someone opened the door, but those weren't firearms and they weren't used in the initial attack.

Get it right, Mittens. Shit. If you really are on our side in the gun control issue now--as you claim--you've got to start acting like it.

* * *

Drug money being used to pay for vote fraud.

And if your drug money is getting people elected, how likely are those people to crack down on your drug operation?

* * *

The dead always vote Democrat. That's why Romney's campaign is trying to get Virginia to scrutinize their voter registrations.

* * *

Most of Obama's biggest "bundlers" were appointed to lucrative executive positions.

Okay--while it's true that it's all up to the President whom he appoints to fill those positions, there are certain rules, guidelines, and proprieties which should be observed.

Filling 80% of your vacancies with people who collected lots and lots of campaign cash for you is more on the "no" side than the "yes" least, it used to be.

Let a Republican try to do this and see how the press reacts. But when it's a Democrat, their response is, "Ho hum. Call us when you've got some real news."

Then again, corruption in a Democrat administration is not really all that surprising, anyway.

* * *

Turns out that my primary go-to source for anime fansubs, Tokyo Toshokan, suffered a server failure. They're trying to get the machine back up, but it's taking time.

Well, I'm glad they weren't bombed out of existence by an overzealous federal government.

* * *

Boston idiot mayor retracts his statement about Chick-fil-A. Well, he backs away from banning Chick-fil-A from getting a business permit, because someone with a brain must have clued him in about how totalitarian and unconstitutional that is.

Especially love this:
If you're a conservative who holds the same position on same-sex marriage that Barack Obama publicly held up until a couple of months ago, you're a bigot unworthy of even getting a business license. If you're a practitioner of the Religion of Peace™ who advocates putting gays to the sword, though, no problem.
It's just a little bit hypocritical. Then again, hypocrisy in the name of identity politics is a major bullet point on the Democrat checklist.

* * *

I'm definitely only going to take half of the muscle relaxant pill tonight. Maybe I won't take any tonight, in fact, because damn.

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