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#3504: Synthroid for me!

Just got the results back on my thyroid blood stick the other day, and it turns out my thyroid hormone levels are still low.

That explains a lot.

It explains the fatigue, the aches, the pains, the lack of motivation--if I start taking this stuff and suddenly turn into Superman, all bets are off.

So I'll start taking synthroid and go back for a re-check in three months. Whee!

* * *

Recession's a-comin'! GDP is in the toilet. Obamanomics FTW!

* * *

ABC meant to try to connect the theater shooter with the Tea Party.

That's the only conclusion I can come to when I read this piece.

* * *

Looks like the newspapers in Chicago and Boston do understand what can happen if those cities' mayors are allowed to get away with limiting freedom of speech. Wow.

* * *

Sooner or later, your luck runs out. Convicted wire thief in Gary, Indiana, gets electrocuted when cutting live power wires in order to recycle the copper in them.

* * *

WORM's take on why voter ID laws are not racist, but Gary Trudeau is.
And, as you can see from the above comic strip, Gary Trudeau is a horrible, horrible racist. He can’t tell the difference between photo ID and separate drinking fountains. Why? Because unlike you and me, Trudeau knows instinctively [believes] that black people are inferior.

Why do idiots like Trudeau still judge books by their covers, despite all history and evidence to the contrary? We will never know. Although, to a very narrow extent, he does have a point. Holding African-Americans to Universal-American standards is currently a bit unfair. But that’s only because...

...racist progressives like Gary Trudeau have infantilized black America.
Emphasis his.

And rather than add my own comments I'll let WORM's words say what I'd say anyway:
And notice that he doesn’t actually give a crap about his inferiors. Trudeau’s poor helpless black folks already need photo IDs to drive, fly, smoke, drink, go to college, buy guns and ammo, rent a car, rent a hotel room, rent anything, get a credit card, use a credit card, or cash a check.

Why isn’t Trudeau fighting those injustices? Because he doesn’t care about black people as long as they vote as they’re told and stay in their place.
This is exactly the view liberals have of blacks.

If it weren't, you wouldn't see their racism on display whenever there's a black person on the conservative side. Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, General Colin Powell--these people get lampooned in a highly racist fashion by liberals, who compare them to monkeys and worse:

I think I got that image from an old Zombietime post. I'm not sure, but I do know it's from a commie-lib protest. Look at the hand-written caption: "Evolution?... Or time for another REVOLUTION!..." and an advertisement for a "peace gathering" at the San Francisco Civic Center. (Zombie, definitely. That's where it came from. SF is his stomping ground.)

That's not raciss, not at all! Naw! But expecting US citizens to show a photo ID in order to vote? The next stop on that trail is burning crosses in front yards and a Klansman on every street corner!

* * *

When I turned on the speakers I knew the music that would come out would be "Yakety Sax". It was inevitable when I saw that someone had set to music the security footage of that elderly gentleman foiling a robbery with his legally-carried handgun.

* * *

Borepatch correctly identifies what was done incorrectly in that case where some malware played AC/DC from the speakers of computers used by Iranian nuclear scientists.

He's exactly right when he says, "I mean, Bitch Please. This is our Cyber Intelligence Services. Standards, people."

That would have been the most awesome Rickroll ever, and they wasted it. *sigh*

* * *

I'll probably go pick up the RX tomorrow, and I'll probably ride the bike to do it. High temp is supposed to be 81.

It's actually pleasant outside today, but after cowering inside to avoid heat exhaustion for three weeks it still feels too warm. 85 and moderate humidity is hotter than 77 and low humidity, and I'm a wiener. *sigh*

* * *

Apparently the thyroid test works inversely: if the numbers come out high, your thyroid hormone is low (hypothyroid). If the numbers come out low, your thyroid is overactive (hyperthyroid).

One of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is weight gain, because your metabolism slows down. My weight has been decreasing very slowly since I made the switch to diet soda; what's gonna happen to me when I start taking them pills and my metabolism enters a normal regime? ("Normal", that is, compared with the average person?)

I don't believe I'm going to turn into some kind of white tornado or something, but it'd be nice not to have to crowbar myself into doing things that need doing.

* * *

Hard to believe it, but July is just about over.

* * *

This morning I got to watch as the garbage man dumped all that crap from the garage into the truck. All the scrap wood went and he barely had to do anything to make it happen. All the heavy lifting was done by the robot arm on the truck; he just had to dump stuff into the big blue toter supplied by the company. Then he moved it out of the way and had the arm grab the old bin, and empty it into the truck. Total time spent, perhaps three minutes.


So I've still got to recycle the aluminum, and there's more work to be done out there, but dang does it feel good to know I'd shut of that much more junk from the garage.

Og has suggested that I try selling the Escort drivetrain. He makes a good point--the transmission is worth more as an assembly than as scrap metal--and I could probably sell the engine as "rebuildable". Still, I think I'll recycle the engine and sell the transmission, because if I were buying an engine to rebuild I don't think I'd want one that was burning oil on one cylinder (unless my alternative was to buy one that had been burning oil on all four). There are literal millions of these engines out there and I don't think it'd be worth the time and effort to try selling the thing, especially when it's been sitting for three years.

I can take it apart in a few hours and blast the worst gunk off, then truck it over to the recycler for $$. I'll keep the valve cover and paint it the way I wanted to paint the other one, and keep it as a memento of a good car.

The gearbox, on the other hand, will be just fine as a sale item. It's in fine shape, and I can probably get about $75 or so for the thing if I sell it on Craigslist or something. Spend a little time cleaning it up and sell it for $100--there's an idea. Maybe throw in the rest of the Escort parts I have laying around, assuming I can find them. They're all over the garage.

But that's neither here nor there. First priority is to get the aluminum cans out of the way, and then work on clearing more of the junk out of the NW corner of the garage. There's still a lot of crap tucked in there that can be dispensed with. The scrap lumber--I'm going to take Og's suggestion and save out any unpainted and unvarnished wood, cut it to fireplace lengths, and add it to the firewood stack.

I didn't do that with the stuff that went today because it was just too f-ing hot even to think about screwing with. Besides, there is plenty of scrapwood left in that garage, believe me. Dad had this thing about saving wood--when we were working on the garage on Monday, Og and I found chunks of trim wood bought for the fireplace surround, which was installed in 1992...and for which I don't need the excess. We found the old chunk of fascia board for the sink cubby in the kitchen--with nail holes. That went. We found assorted chunks of baseboard trim in short lengths, none of which was long enough to be useful.

And we found a bunch of drywall, all of which was warped and therefore useless. Especially since drywall is not particularly expensive to begin with.

I saved, however, some lengths of 1x6 which look like they could be used to repair the fence in front of the house. I also saved some other things, like a nice 40" chunk of 2x8 that is probably too short for a home repair but which is simply too nice to throw away. At worst, I'll burn it if I need to.

But the scrapwood is only part of the pile. The empty boxes--I'm going to have to go through them and decide what I'm keeping and what I'm tossing, because Mom had a habit of saving boxes which could be used for mailing things. The carpet and linoleum scraps--some of it may be useful in certain applications, but it's probably not worth saving most of that crap.

There's still a lot to be done. It'd be nice if I could get it done before winter. Maybe the synthroid will help me find the motivation to do it.

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