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#3505: Ah, Saturday.

While we were on a date last night, Lemonzen asked me what I thought of the Olympics.

This DPUD post is pretty much what I think.
So a semi-funny tweet and a remembrance of some murdered Jews are too terrible to even contemplate, but Jew hatred and defending war-crimes murderers are just fine.

Yup, the Olympics. What’s Right With the World.
That's pretty on-target, IMHO.

Apparently there was a tribute to free universal health care in the opening ceremonies. This from the country which enthanizes about 10,000 elderly people a month in the name of saving money on health care.

* * *

Gun safes with electronic locks are shit. Apparently you can drop one end of a certain brand from about 1" height a couple of times and then just open the thing without futzing with the lock.

Now here's the funny thing: the entire article revolves around the shooting death of a 3-year-old. Anti-gunners routinely dance in the blood of such cases because they think it makes their point: ZOMG the poor kid was killed by a gun, and this is why we must ban them.

But let's look at the particulars:
1) The gun was a service weapon belonging to a law enforcement officer.
2) The gun was stored in a gun safe
3) The gun safe was provided by the department that employed this officer
You see, this refutes many of the points made by anti-gunners.

The gun was a service weapon belonging to a police officer: anti-gunners think that only police should be allowed to carry guns because they're trained to.

The gun was stored in a gun safe: anti-gunners think that locking weapons away from easy access prevents their unauthorized use.

The gun safe was provided by the department: anti-gunners think that broad-based mandatory safety regulations are the key to preventing accidental gun deaths.

...not going to say a word about the guy leaving his weapon loaded and ready to fire. There are two schools of thought on this point, anyway, but anti-gunners would prefer that the gun be unloaded and have a trigger lock on it, too. (Because of course when there are bad guys barging into your house intent on mayhem, their personal honor will require them to wait while you get your gun out of the safe, unlock the trigger, and load it....)

You know, when I was a kid, I knew where my Dad kept his guns, and if I really wanted to get at them, I could. They weren't kept in any kind of safe or vault.

...and I knew what would happen to me if Dad caught me playing around with his guns. Believe me, I didn't even go near them.

That was a hell of a lot more effective than this cop's gun safe. It's not his fault; what is his fault is not teaching his kids the ins and outs of gun safety and making it plain that any fooling around with his guns would result in serious punishment.

And that's probably why he made such a stink at the department about the gun safes that they had to trump up a way to fire him: he knew who's fault it was that his kid died.

* * *

18-year-old arrested for doing something which is perfectly legal. Gets a rifle for his birthday, carries it home...gets arrested.
Michigan being an "open-carry" state, and one that doesn't require ID when stopped by the police, it should have been no problem for Sean Combs to walk down the streets of Birmingham carrying the vintage rifle he got for his birthday.
But we were born free.

You know, fifty years ago a guy carrying a rifle down the street wasn't usually cause for alarm, particularly in more rural areas. But because the nanny state has slithered its tentacles so far into our anuses, now the cops feel justified in arresting someone who isn't breaking any laws but who insists on his rights as a citizen.

Apparently the cops arrested him because he didn't show them his ID and "we can't tell if you're 18". Well, he's not required to; and even after the guy did show them his ID the cops still arrested him even though he didn't break any laws.

Charges: "brandishing a firearm in public, disturbing the peace, and obstructing a police officer."

I guess if you want to arrest someone for openly carrying a firearm, "brandishing" is the charge to use. "Disturbing the peace"--why, because he was open carrying? "Obstructing a police officer"? It's not "obstruction" if you refuse to provide ID when you're not required to.

I know that it can be argued that he was carrying a rifle around, and that's stretching the limits of "open carry"...but if you start putting limitations on "open carry" because having a rifle is "kind of ludicrous", then someone else can say, "Well, you don't need to carry an extra magazine for your pistol, either."

Next thing you know, "open carry" is limited to small-caliber revolvers and derringers. And nothing else.

Was it wise for the kid to parade around the neighborhood with his gun? Probably not. Was it advisable for him to refuse to show his ID to the police? I don't know. What I do know is that the guy was entirely within his rights as a citizen of this country and the police arrested him in spite of that.

* * *

Old Rahm has chickened out, same as Boston's idiot mayor over the banning of Chick-fil-A from opening restaurants in their cities.

I suppose it's because their lawyers advised them they'd better STFU or give C-f-A a major reason to sue them if any permits in their respective cities were denied for any reason.

This is one of those "so not worth it" things; there are only downsides in it for these Democrat dictator wannabes. Particularly when you consider that they would lose the inevitable civil rights lawsuits, and badly.

* * *

Conan O'Brien takes some Obama and Biden quotes out of context suggesting these might work as campaign slogans.

It's pretty humorous.

* * *

Weer'd's got a story about Illinois and cigarette taxes. You know what I mean:

Guess what?
John Chambers, head investigator for the Illinois Department of Revenue, says cigarette smuggling now rivals illegal drug smuggling, and street gangs are getting involved.
...which is entirely predictable, I might add.
In Cook County, the tax on smokes is now $4.66 a pack. In Indiana it’s $0.995. Missouri checks in at $0.17. Who could possibly have seen this coming?
Gee, I don't know who could possibly have seen this coming...OTHER THAN SOMEONE WHO ISN'T A FUCKING DEMOCRAT, THAT IS!


* * *

Alan Caruba makes the case for Obama being "worst President ever".

* * *

After our date last night, Lemonzen and I kind of...flopped, and ended up going to sleep. I didn't get home until after 1 PM today, and after that I ended up sleeping more.

I can never sleep well in a strange bed. Well, that's not entirely accurate--I can never sleep well in a strange bed with my girlfriend's cat flopping all over me.

She's got two cats, Critter and Bosco. Bosco came out once on a prior visit and actually let me pet him, but Bosco's really shy and tends to hide a lot. Even so, Lemonzen was greatly surprised (and pleased) that Bosco had seemed to take to me so readily. (Uh...okay?)

(Actually, knowing how cats are, I know what she means.)

Critter, on the other hand, just loves me to pieces. When we got back from dinner and were sitting on Lemonzen's sofa, Critter was diving against my feet and demanding all kinds of attention from me. Later, after we'd gone to bed, Critter would lay on my leg or stomach or come up to my face and purr at me (and bat at my beard). But he's a big fuzzy beast of a cat, and it was already warm in there; having a dustmop like that cuddling up to me (as well as his owner) made for a toasty Fungus, and I was frequently too warm to sleep. And if I left my hands or feet outside of the blanket, he'd lay there and lick them.

I might have managed about three hours of broken sleep. Lemonzen slept a lot better that I did, at least going by the polite, feminine snores from her side of the bed. That's good; she had work today, and has work tomorrow.

But she didn't sleep as well as she could have, so I think from now on I won't spend the night there when she's got to work the next day. At least, not until I can manage to stay asleep for more than an hour or so at a time. Despite her protestations I know my tossing and turning contributed to her less-than-optimum sleep.

Anyway, dinner tonight was Pizza Hut because I just didn't have the energy for anything else, and anyway a large super supreme for $11 is a pretty good deal. I'll get 2-3 meals out of it, so F it.

* * *

Pastor's out of town this weekend, but my favorite substitute pastor is doing the service tomorrow so I'm making a special point of going to church tomorrow.

Bible study resumes on Tuesday, though. That'll be nice.

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