atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#351: I want to punch the "Face of PeachCare"

Neal Boortz mentions this article in today's Neal's Nuze.

Happy and comfortable in their neat wood-frame home in a well-kept, modest subdivision, Connie and Michael Post pride themselves on being solidly middle class folks who "thank God every day" for their salvation — and PeachCare for their solvency.

"Without it, we'd be broke," says Michael Post, 38, welcoming visitors into his home.

Two of their three young children are screaming playfully behind him. Post's wife, Connie, 36, is just inside, patiently trying to calm them down.

Financially, the Posts — like many families with kids at their income level — are having a tough time making ends meet.

Why are they having a hard time making ends meet, you may ask?

" February, Michael Post left a job making $42,000 as pastor of Friendship Baptist Church to become a freelance minister. He supplements his unpredictable income by painting houses and doing odd jobs." [emphasis mine]

You know why they're having such a hard time?

Because the asshat quit a solid $42,000 per year job.

Well, it says "left", not quit...but "left" sounds voluntary to me, and it would make their fiscal hardship more poignant if he had been fired, laid off, "let go", or whatever.

His wife is making $25,000 per year as a schoolteacher. If he had kept his job, then they'd be pulling down a combined gross of $67,000, which is a pretty decent income for a family of 6, which they almost have.

But no! He chose to become a "freelance minister" (whatever the hell that is). So now their family is having a hard time, and they're grateful that there is a government program to help pay for their kids' medical expenses! Oh, but woe, things are going to change!

"...the program may become less generous. A bill that passed the state House recently would require families to be poorer, reducing eligibility from 235 percent of the federal poverty level to 200 percent. The bill would also make PeachCare families pay for now-free dental and vision coverage."

"The wrangling about PeachCare has made PeachCare families 'extremely anxious,' says Connie. 'We just hope they don't take away the therapy benefits.'"

You know what? If you quit a good-paying job don't whine about how poor you are, asshat! If you choose to leave a good job to follow your heart you had better expect to have to scramble the pay the goddamned bills, and don't whine about how unfair it is that the government is trying to rein in costs. That money doesn't magically appear; it comes out of the pockets of people who behave responsibly and keep the good-paying jobs--even when they are not being true to their hearts--in order to provide food and shelter for their squawling podlings.


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