atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3506: The problem is GETTING the synthroid.

How the hell can the synthroid bring up my energy levels if I don't have the energy to go get it?

The NSAID/pain pills from the doc don't help matters. They make me feel even more tired.

Beautiful night last night for riding the motorcycle, and I didn't because the damn pain pills were knocking me down. Beautiful night for riding the motorcycle tonight and I'm not riding because the damn pain pills are knocking me down.

Plus side: I'm smart enough to know that I'm in no shape to ride my motorcycle.

I am, however, thinking about going to Culver's for dinner since I don't have the energy for cooking and I've eaten all the pizza already. Safe to drive but not to ride? Well, you need to be very alert when you're on a motorcycle since you need to be more alert than other drivers are. If a guy in a Smart Car doesn't see you and there's a collision, you (on the motorcycle) lose, so you need to be 110% alert to make up for the other guy's 90% alertness.

I'm not 110% alert right now. I'd say 95% at best. Okay for driving a Jeep on side streets; not okay for riding a motorcycle anywhere.

* * *

Well, at least they suspended him without pay. Cop has kidnapping victim in his garage, and the perpetrators of said kidnapping living in his house--and is suspended without pay, and had to turn in his badge and gun pending investigation.

* * *

Another nail in the man-made global warming coffin. That is to say, "anthropogenic climate change" isn't due to human carbon emissions, but due to human fudging of the climate data to make it appear as if the planet is warming when it's not.


"Trust them! They're scientists!"

* * *

More about the big NHS fete in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

* * *

Apparently Microsoft is now being run by morons, because only a moron thinks this kind of ranking is a good idea.

Sure it fosters competition among employees to be the best. It also fosters infighting, jealousy, nepotism, and a whole lot of other negatives that outweigh the lone positive by far...and in the bargain it drives away your best people. Your people waste so much time on politics that they don't have much to do any innovating, and your software turns to junk in pretty short order. (I think this explains Vista.)

But this kind of stuff is inevitable for any company which grows into a successful international firm.

* * *

Why do gun owners need high capacity magazines? PDB explains: Because fuck you, that's why.

* * *

ObamaCare means fewer doctors means longer wait times and rationing. That is to say, it leads to the exact same end socializing medicine ALWAYS does.

* * *

I'm so tired, it's taken me almost four hours to write this post. Granted I took some time off to talk to Lemonzen, and to go get dinner from Culver's, but considering how little text is in this post--shit.

I'm going to bed now.

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