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#3516: This guy frequently shows up in Larry Niven novels.

And in fact he shows up in Jack London stories, too.

The clueless moron who goes somewhere totally unprepared for the conditions, and has to be rescued. Or dies. One or the other, depending on who's writing the story. (In Jack London's case the guy usually gets killed. Jack London was not a pussy.)

Read the whole thing, because this is a true moron in action.

Driving into Saline Valley (Death Valley's equally dangerous fraternal twin) in a rented 2WD car without adequate provisions, not knowing how to change the tire or that there was even a spare, not filling the fuel tank before entering the place, not knowing how to read a map, not having any sort of navigational equipment, etc.

London's thesis in this kind of story was that civilization has made Man soft, and that Nature is trying to kill you, and will do so if you give her the slightest chance. If you're going to go into the wilderness you can't just hop in your car and go, particularly not when that wilderness hits 120° in the daytime and might stay above 35° at night.

And there are no cell towers out there. Your cell phone will be useless. (Unless it also has satellite capability, which almost all cell phones do not. Hint: as nifty as you think it is, your iPhone doesn't.) Unless you have some kind of radio which can transmit--a CB, a HAM radio, something--you have no way of calling for help and YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. If you can't get out, and can't call for help?

Someone will be driving out there some day and see your car sitting there, and find your corpse inside it, and he will call the park rangers who will call the police...and everyone will tsk and shake their heads and say, "Man, what was he thinking, coming out here like this?"

That's if you stay with your car. Otherwise they'll just find your car, because it's big and fairly obvious, and maybe some day someone will find your dessicated, animal-picked bones...and maybe not.

I am glad this particular person didn't die. I'm also very hopeful that he learned his f-ing lesson.

* * *

I flopped around 7 PM and would have gone right on sleeping until God knows when had Lemonzen not called me after she got off work. But we chatted for a little while and rang off, intending to hit the hay. She had a hard day, and was intent on going to bed ASAP.

But I couldn't just go to sleep, oh no! I'd sent her an e-mail and wanted to see if she'd replied, now I'm here, writing this post. *rolleyes*

* * *

Two things about the Chick-fil-A douche, both from AoSHQ:

Apparently he got fired for his douchebaggery. We can debate the merits of that firing, vis-a-vis freedom of expression and such, but being a penis to someone who is just doing her job? C'mon. She works the drive-through window at a franchise and has no responsibility or effect on corporate policy--other than to do what she's told because it's her job to be nice to people even when they're acting like shit-for-brains undergraduates who've had a few too many beers.
...I figure that if he's willing to video himself doing this, that means he's pretty comfortable with it and has probably done it quite a few times before. ...

...I would have fired him too...for having the terminal bad judgment to do something like this. Where there's dumbass smoke, there's usually dumbass fire you just don't know about yet.
This is decidedly true.

This festering piece of distended rectum who thinks he's hot shit and has a right to treat people however he pleases is not the kind of person you want to be in charge of any major division of your company, because God alone knows how he's going to treat the people who are working for him...and that means that God alone knows how many potential lawsuits you're facing for things like "hostile work environment" and the like.

Go to the links posted in that chunk of the AoSHQ overnight open thread. Read the comments. People are saying some interesting things:

Profitable companies also like to have officers that have a degree of self control and demonstrate good judgement. This case pretty well defines epic fail.

When you’re a CEO and find that your CFO reveals himself to be a complete douchebag on Facebook, posting all sorts of idiotic and puerile rants, you necessarily question his judgment.... You understand that what you have working for you, watching your money and making financial decisions, is an unhinged personality with self-righteousness issues.

There are expectations of propriety when you are a leader of a company. Period. The guy was an ass, TAPED it, then POSTED it on the WWWeb. Who wants a CFO who can’t control his infantile emotions?

Who wants someone so mean-spirited representing the company? I suspect this is not the first time he’s demonstrated his character.

This guy represents everything you need to know about the urban Leftist: the smugness, callousness, hypocrisy and the plain weird hateful disconnectedness from humanity.

...[H]ow can the CEO and the Board rationalize to the company’s investors having someone with demonstrated poor judgment as the corporate treasurer? I don’t think they had much choice but to fire him.

...[I]f the girl had told him to go screw himself, she would probably have been fired. This jerk needs to be held to at least the same standard a minimum wage fast food employee would be.

What that mean bastard did to her there is no excuse for.

The need to keep many opinions to yourself and to realize your behavior reflects on the company 24/7/365 is one reason executives earn the big bucks.
And one of the pieces linked has an update where the writer retracts his assertion that Dr. Dickbag's firing is a bad thing. (...and I got that epithet from a comment to that article. What a great insult!)

And the other post? I love the demotivator posted with this one. It's actually about Boehner saying that Obama has no real-world experience with actual work, much less job creation or the like; and it points out that the poor harassed woman in the cretin's video has more real-world work experince than Obama does.

Obama has never had to work the drive-through at a fast food restaurant, has he? He was too busy smoking pot with the Choom Gang in high school to have a part-time job. Like this woman's harasser, Obama has led a life of pampered luxury where all the hard stuff was taken care of for him, and all obstacles were removed from his path so he wouldn't stumble.

You don't get to be an arrogant prick like the phymotic wonder when you have to overcome hardships to arrive at your accomplishments. (And this sentence can apply equally to either Obama or Adam Smith, AKA "Dr. Dickbag".)

* * *

Ahh, I feel more relaxed. I had a ham and cheese sandwich; I'm going to have a slice of apple pie and then go to bed. Whee!

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