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#3518: Well, that went better than expected.

So! I ran my errands and it only took me about an hour or so, to my surprise:

1) I didn't have to go pay the second half of the (usurious) property taxes on the bunker, because they are not due until next month.

2) I took the piston and cylinder to the Yamaha dealership, and the guy there advised me not to bother with the cylinder from eBay since it's already the same size as the piston--they could hone it but it will probably be out of spec. So I'm taking the one off the bike and having it bored 0.5mm over, and then honed, and I'll put in the new piston with new rings etc.

3) K-mart for cat food and cat litter.

4) McDonald's for a food cartridge. Just a McDouble (no cheese) and a small fry with a large diet Coke--but it was apparently enough food for me.

5) Grocery store for the usual necessities, including apples to make apple crisp. Total bill there was $52 even; with the cat supplies from K-mart I think I managed to get out of both stores for under $80. Whee!

Even better? Before I even got in the shower, I tossed applications in for a couple of jobs I found at a couple different temp agencies. Even my procrastination is productive, because I'm so good.

And I ran into one of my friends from Bible study at the grocery store--she works there--and said "Hi". counterbalance to the slightly melancholy feeling I had after finishing the last post, and then going outside to bring up the trash can. I just idled around the house, looking at the yard and the sky, and felt kind of...well, blue. No idea why, but I did; at least now I feel pretty chipper since my errands are done and I can relax a bit.

I also saw that the new Silliker lab building has signage up, so I'm going to check for a web site and see if anything's going on yet, but it looks like the place is still under construction--all the inside stuff, you know, like wiring and plumbing and so on. Working there would be good because it's perhaps a 15-minute trip from home, and close enough that I could even ride the motorcycle to work without fear.

* * *

Media totally ignores the Chick-fil-A "buycott" on Wednesday.
It's a phenomenon we now know well, and yet it is still worth pointing out how astonishing this all is. Simply because we have become inured to a perfectly bizarre situation does not mean we should not make frequent note of how truly bizarre this situation is.

The situation is this: The last place -- not the first place, not the second, not the sixth -- you'd want to go to find coverage of news is an American newspaper or an American news broadcast.
It is bizarre, isn't it?

* * *

As for me, even though I had that food I'm now thinking about dinner, and I've had a hankering for "chicken stuff" (Chicken Rice-a-Roni with chicken and green beans) for a few days, now. So I've got to hunt up some chicken from either the upstairs freezer or the chest freezer, and get it defrosting.

But right now I just want a nap. *sigh* Well, I could have slept better so it's not all that surprising....

* * *

Incidentally, I just paid $8.88 for three 6-packs of Pepsi. That works out to $0.50 per bottle; I just bought Pepsi at $2.90 less per bottle, retail, than Amtrack pays for it wholesale. In fact, at that price, $2.90 paid for a 6-pack.

But government being in charge of our health care will lower costs and shit. Yeah.

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