atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3520: We just had a honey of a gullywasher.

Dark skies, vivid lighting, pounding rain, high winds, the whole nine yards.

Weather station in Beecher is reporting that the instantaneous rainfall rate bounced off 5 inches per hour for a bit. Total rainfall is probably in the 1-1.5 inch range, all told.

The weather station closest to the bunker hasn't reported in for half an hour, and is saying it's 92 and calm outside...when of course the temperature dropped some twenty degrees in that time along with a hell of a lot of rain.

I dodged raindrops when the storm had passed and it looks like there's nothing damaged or down around the bunker. I could hear the sirens of fire trucks in the distance, and that's not terribly surprising considering how high the winds were and how bad the lightning was. There were a couple of flash-bang types that made me jump, and the power quit twice before coming back on (else I would not be posting this now). (Prayer said for whoever those sirens are for.)

The Peotone weather station includes solar insolation data:

How interesting is that? Clouds roll in and the insolation mysteriously rolls off to zero. Who could have seen that coming?

...I'm willing to bed that the long straight line leading up from 2 AM is an artifact, by the way. Looks to me as if they didn't switch on the sensor until almost 2 PM and the computer glitched. If that was actual data it would be very low/Lim 0 until about 5 AM, when it would start to rise with the sun.

Still--when you look at the real data it seems that about 800 watts per square meter is the real-world number for today's solar insolation...and with a real-world solar panel you'd extract perhaps 160 watts from that 800 watts of sunlight.

For an hour.

That is, therefore, 160 watt-hours, or 0.16 kilowatt hours, from one square meter of solar panel.

That's enough power--collected in an hour--to run my computer for about forty minutes. Whee! Solar power is going to save us all from global warming!


* * *

I'm tempted to go get Culver's for dinner. I last had it on Sunday.

Well, why not? I'm hungry and it's a nice treat, and I'm worth it. See ya!

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