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#3522: Thank God for the Bomb

Borepatch says, "Hey, crapface! Why don't you blow it out your ear?"

If it weren't for the Bomb, I probably wouldn't be here--me, my brother and sisters, a whole bunch of other people about our age--because our fathers would have died storming the beaches of Japan. My father was in boot camp, training for just that operation, on this day 67 years ago.

I'm sorry it had to be done, but I'm not so sorry that I wish it hadn't. I'm glad it was.

* * *

There is one way to protect yourself from an EMP attack that doesn't involve MADD: having a robust anti-missile defense which can take out the warhead before detonation.

Obama's not interested in either. Heck, Obama doesn't even think we face such a threat.

* * *

Black-on-gay violence is simply not talked about. Because if it were widely known, it would demolish the whole "oppressed groups are incapable of bigotry" thing that the leftist coalition relies on for its existence.

When it comes to minorities, blacks beat gays hands down. Gays make up perhaps 3% of the population, where blacks are about 13%. If it comes down to who can deliver the votes, guess which group the lefties are going to care about more?

* * *

The dirty secret of the gay community is that they don't ever condemn gay pederasts. People like Sandusky aren't gay, we are told, but pedophiles, which is different.

...even though Sandusky molested young boys exclusively.

Oh, wait, I get it. Sandusky is MSB, that's it! He's not gay; he's just a "man who has sex with boys"!


* * *

Vox Day explains, Romney will be worse than Obama. Which is why I'm voting Libertarian this year.

* * *

Mark Steyn unleashes epic sarcasm about the Olympics in London. Good God am I glad Chicago's not hosting that shit in 2016.

* * *

Obama wants the power to shut off the Internet at a moment's notice and he will get it however he possibly can.

* * *

Fallout from the "Sandra Fluke is a slut" thing. Carbonite saw its business drop precipitously after the corporation stopped advertising on Limbaugh because of his comment.

The CEO of Carbonite says he doesn't regret the action. Sure he doesn't.

* * *

The Arthur Laffer says stimulus spending doesn't stimulate.
If you believe, as I do, that the macro economy is the sum total of all of its micro parts, then stimulus spending really doesn't make much sense. In essence, it's when government takes additional resources beyond what it would otherwise take from one group of people (usually the people who produced the resources) and then gives those resources to another group of people (often to non-workers and non-producers).

Often as not, the qualification for receiving stimulus funds is the absence of work or income—such as banks and companies that fail, solar energy companies that can't make it on their own [*cough* Solyndra *cough*], unemployment benefits and the like. Quite simply, government taxing people more who work and then giving more money to people who don't work is a surefire recipe for less work, less output and more unemployment.
Emphasis etc added.

So then Laffer goes on:
There was no discernible two or three dollar multiplier effect from every dollar the government spent and borrowed. In reality, every dollar of public-sector spending on stimulus simply wiped out a dollar of private investment and output, resulting in an overall decline in GDP. This is an even more astonishing result because government spending is counted in official GDP numbers. In other words, the spending was more like a valium for lethargic economies than a stimulant.
If you look at any of Karl Denninger's posts on this stuff, you see that he frequently posts a chart showing how government spending and GDP relate...and how, if you remove government spending from GDP it actually goes severely negative over the past several years.

Government is not a producer of wealth; it is a consumer. Especially with the economy operating in its current regime.

* * *

Michael Flynn has posted some "passing thoughts" today. Worth thinking about, eh?

* * *

Monday. Bleah.

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