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#3531: Yes, let's go ahead and cause an ice age

Arse Technica is talking about ways we could cool the planet because they're still on-board with the lysenkoist "human carbon emissions are causing catastrophic climate change!" thing.

Their opening sentence:
As the emissions of carbon dioxide have continued largely unabated over the past decade, a number of people have given thought to geoengineering, or changing the environment in a way that tweaks the planet's thermostat.
Missing: the fact that global temperature has failed to increase with the continued rise in CO2 as global warming theory predicts:

The simple fact is, we don't know what's going on and talking about cooling the Earth to prevent climate change is premature. Talking about warming the Earth to prevent climate change is, too.

When climatologists can point to a causal relationship between human activity and climate change which doesn't rely on adjusted, "normalized", or invented data, then we have a starting point for discussing what must be done. But what we've gotten out of the climatology industry so far is nothing but bullshit science and funny numbers, and that's no basis for making attempts at changing the climate of the planet.

* * *

Yet again: this is a headline they've been running for forty years. Longer. And we're no closer to it now than we were in 1972.

In fact, we're farther from it: Concorde no longer flies between Europe and America.

Yes, someday we might be able to go from New York to London in an hour. Test-flying an unmanned vehicle which will operate for five minutes does not mean it's coming in a year or two, five, or even ten.

Especially since the thing just crashes into the Pacific when the test is complete.

It's neat that they're doing this kind of research, but I'm not going to get excited over something like this. What will excite me is when they start testing aircraft which can actually make a profitable flight from New York to London, carrying a useful number of passengers, in an hour.

* * *

(Concorde, by the way, was heavily subsidized, and a ticket was still several thousand dollars.)

* * *

So I called the doctor's office. He wants me to take half a pill per day and see him next week. Well, I'm already taking half pills, and I'm going to stop taking it entirely in a couple of days. When I see him on Tuesday I'm going to tell him, "I've already stopped taking them, and I'm not taking any more of this crap. I don't need the emotional fallout. Nothing you can say can convince me it's a good idea to start taking them again." Maybe I need the thyroid hormone and maybe I don't, but I just can't handle the side effects, damn it.

* * *

Anyway, I've got things to do, and I'd better get after them. *sigh*

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