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#3534: My day since losing the Synthroid

Get up at noon, feed cats and myself; blog until 3:30. Cook someting for dinner, eat. *sigh*

* * *

WORM debunks the "Fukushima is killing people!" nonsense.
Out of 10,000 people with a dose of 1 millisievert, the radiation would cause two to get cancer during their lifetimes, but about 3,500 would get cancer also without any radiation,...
We live in a radioactive world. We ourselves are radioactive. You can't avoid it, and the human body has mechanisms for coping with it.

* * *

"The screwed generation" is basically anyone who's paid into SS and other government programs who can reasonably expect never to see a dime of their money.

I'm technically a Boomer, but I'm young enough that I'm also part of "the screwed generation". Whee!

* * *

Jon Corzine's not going to jail for stealing billions of customer money. He's a major bundler for Obama; of course he's not going to go to jail for breaking the law.

Besides, it's part of a larger pattern of lawlessness that's continued since 2009. The money you are not actually holding in your hands is no longer yours; it belongs to the bank or brokerage or whatever-it-is you have an account with. If that bank is run by a prominent enough Democrat, he can spend all your money however he pleases and get away with it.

There is no contract now which can protect the assets you do not have in your hands. Ask the guys who held corporate bonds from GM and Chrysler what happened to their money even though they had the contractual first right of recovery; the UAW got money that was rightfully theirs.

There is no rule of law any longer. The money you think you have in your IRA or 401k is not yours; it belongs to whoever is administering the bank or brokerage. This is how the courts have ruled.

* * *

A Joe Biden three-fer:

There are rumors that Obama's going to replace Biden with Hillary.

JayG thinks it won't happen.

Biden makes more gaffes than Dan Quayle ever dreamed of. But if you think about it, he's kind of right--the United States was the leader of the world in making automobiles in the 20th century.

Like, in the 1960s. Am I right?

A small business owner who "didn't build that" says "no thanks" to a visit from Biden. For that reason.

Heyy, that's unfair! It wasn't Biden that said that (even though it's a gaffe on par with Biden's best)--it was his boss that said that!

* * *

Another recession indicator from Karl Denninger. This'll probably lead to an official call of recession in the 4th quarter (probably after the election) but let's face it: we're in one now, and have been all along.

* * *

So that's why Han Solo said "parsecs"! Apparently he was supposed to be running his mouth in an attempt to impress Obi Wan and Luke...only he didn't know that "parsec" is a distance and just picked a fancy-sounding word.

Leave it to fans to find a stupidly convoluted reason to make the word fit, rather than just accept that someone made a mistake. *rolleyes*

On the other hand, it's not surprising that the moment didn't work considering that George Lucas was involved....

* * *

Tomorrow's supposed to be in the low 70s. I'm hoping to get some stuff done outside.

The grass, for example, that didn't get cut yesterday--with all the rain we got this morning it already looks like it's exploded, so it's going to need cutting. *sigh*

Also, the garage needs work, and the Fiero, and--

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