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#3537: Sadly, it costs too much and I don't need it. But it's still cool.

Purpose-built gaming tables that convert into dining room tables, instead of the other way around. There is just the wee matter of price.

Hand-made, made to order, out of fine hardwoods...this shit is expensive. But damn if you actually play D&D (or other tabletop games) a hell of a lot, it's the way to go.

* * *

Dear Leader gets more commemoration, and it's kind of nauseating. File this one under the whole "totalitarian state look-alike" heading, because why should anyone care about where Obama and his moll had their first kiss?

* * *

The Anchoress, "The Cross always threatens communists". Anyone who does not worship the State is a threat to the State and must be eliminated.

* * *

Advice Goddess explains yet again why islam is a death cult.

* * *

"Obama can kiss my ass." "You better order now before the government figures out a way to shut this site down."

* * *

After yesterday's post, I got some stuff done. I cut the grass, I did some work on the garage, I got the dishes dealt with, and baked a batch of peanut butter cookies.

I wasn't being too careful about the size of the cookies, so I only got two dozen out of the tube of Pillsbury peanut butter cookie dough. I usually get closer to three. But they taste good.

As I was working on the dishes I discovered a fully-grown brown recluse in the sink. That is to say, I think it was a brown recluse; it was the right size, shape, and color. The fiddle pattern was on the wrong part of the body for it to be a brown recluse so it might have just been a regular spider. Regardless, I am not going to risk a bite from one, so if I think it's a brown recluse, it gets treated as one.

Anyway I don't know where the damned spider came from, but I grabbed the sprayer and hosed it down, used tongs to clear the remaining dishes from the sink...and then flushed that damn spider right down the drain.

That was yesterday.

Today, I'm going to embark on part two of "find the spare EGR tube for the Fiero" and then I'm going to dive into the engine compartment of that car to see if I can make anything happen. I'd like to go to Fierorama this year, but the car's got to be ready--and since it's three weeks from now, I'd better get my ass in gear.

Problem is, I have zero energy for anything. Had to take Xanax last night to get to sleep--laying in bed, tired enough to sleep, but unable to sleep sucks--and so I feel like a zombie today. Argh etc.

Since I'm still unemployed it's sort-of okay for me to be extraordinarily lazy and not get anything done...but it makes me feel bad to waste a day with perfect weather like today's.

$5 says that--if I go--the day of Fierorama will be 90° in the shade with no wind...and if I don't it'll be like today, in the seventies. I have never been a participant in a car show where the weather was pleasant.

On the plus side, it's Saturday.

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