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#3539: Even the warmistas know that Earth isn't warming.

Oh shit the planet isn't warming it's actually cooling WHAT DO WE DO?

...just wait a few years, until the normal variation of weather brings about an unusually hot summer, and then resume talking about global warming as if nothing had happened. And keep pretending that the models work, when they don't.

* * *

California teachers pretty much own California. Specifically the teachers' union owns California.

So while California's budget is leaking red ink like a fire hose, the state's socialized educational system is not in danger of losing any of its funding whatsoever.

California's socialized educational system gets 40% of California's general fund...and they complain that education is "underfunded". Yeah.

There isn't enough money in the world to "adequately fund" socialized education.

* * *

What a surprise that the principal who refused to let kindergarteners sing "God Bless the USA" is vindictive, arbitrary, nepotistic, two-faced, and overall a bad person to work for, and has created a hostile work environment which has led to 40% of the staff leaving the school one way or another.

This year, high gas prices are bad for the economy. In 2007-2008, when they were this high, they had nothing to do with the economy going into the toilet, oh no! It was all because the hated George W. Bush had such awful economic policies. Why, unemployment was almost 5%! The high gas prices were just George W. Bush's way of paying off his cronies in the oil business., of course, that Obama's trying to get re-elected, suddenly high energy prices are a major problem and are going to stifle the economy. Whatever can we do about this? Punish the energy companies for being so mean that they're trying to make a profit on the backs of the poor! (Never mind that the government makes more money on a gallon of gas than the oil companies do.)
Higher gas prices aren't what the sluggish economy needs, since any extra money that goes to fill gas tanks doesn't get spent at movie theaters or restaurants.
But we can't reduce taxes on gasoline because the government needs that money, of course.

* * *

Obama hasn't released any records except for the (fake?) birth certificate. Yet he expects Romney to release whatever records the Democrats demand, of course.

* * *

Vox Day vs. John Scalzi part 2.

* * *

This is relevant to my own situation: "Getting help doesn't make you a threat".

* * *

More "tolerance" from the death cult. 11-year-old girl faces death for being critical of islam.

* * *

Og reminds us that Obamacare cuts $700 billion from Medicare over 10 years. The Democrats need to demagogue the Medicare issue, which is why the media is trying to claim that Obamacare doesn't cut $700 billion from Medicare over 10 years.

* * *

Union power: Detroit is past broke and has no mounted police any longer--and hence no horses--yet their union horseshoer still has a job.

...they can't possibly cut any jobs, either. That horseshoer is vital to the long-term success of Detroit's water and sewer department!

* * *

Spain can't make a bond payment. This ain't good, but I don't know that it'll be the first domino to fall. Europe knows it has to do something about this lest the whole stack fall over.

The problem comes when Europe can no longer do anything.

* * *

Robots which cut noodles. ...okay. A swinging arm with a cutting tool on the end, and another arm which moves the slab of dough back and forth and elevates as needed--does it have to have glowing eyes and be anthropomorphic?

In any case, if you're fearing the Machine Apocalypse, this isn't exactly going to be the forerunner of the T-101, you know what I'm sayin'?

* * *

A cure for baldness! Whee! But I'd bet it's not an actual cure, as in "take this set of pills one time and you'll never be bald again."

...minoxidil doesn't work for everyone and you have to apply it every day. Stopping treatment after you've grown hair will result in that new hair falling out. $5 says this new treatment for baldness will also work that way.

I mean, heck: you can sell a guy a course of pills for $50 that cures him of baldness forever...or you can sell him $10 worth of stuff every week for the rest of his life. Which would you rather do, if all you care about is making money?

* * *

And in the "sites that make my entire computer slow to a dead crawl" department:

Veeshir at DPUD discusses the impending crash of California.


OMG she said "hell" in her valedictorian speech, so the school is withholding her high school diploma.

Yeah, we have absolutely nothing else to worry about.

* * *

The last time I went shopping I picked up a bottle of Cholula hot sauce, because the old bottle of Tapatio (vintage 2002 *whimper*) is finally starting to get low. And being that old, the sauce inside it has oxidized and aged such that it has a less-pleasing flavor than it once did.

The Cholula--

Last night I realized that once in a while it tastes pretty good to put hot sauce on pork rinds, so I grabbed it and tried it out. The Cholula is spicy without being overwhelming, and has a really nice flavor.

So eventually I'll have tacos again, and when I do, this hot sauce ought to be just the right amount of kick.

* * *

Otherwise, not much happening right now. I got to bed later than usual last night and didn't sleep well until I took half a Xanax; and was awakened this morning by someone the fire hydrants in the area.

I'm not even sure what, but it sounded like a pressure washer, so that's probably it.

Why the hell the fire hydrants need periodic pressure washing is beyond me. Seems like a typical government waste of money to me, but what the hell do I know, anyway?

Might as well see if WoW is still there.

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