atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3540: EGR tube is out.

This afternoon I had some time to work on the Fiero, and I managed to get the EGR tube out without having to cut anything.

The tube is held to the valve with studs, so naturally one nut came off its stud and the other did not; instead the stud unscrewed from the valve body.

*shrug* Six of one.

The cold start injector is now easily visible, and I have only to take the distributor out to get at it. I've had the distributor out before, so it's not a big deal for me to do that; and while I've got it out I'll replace the distributor o-ring so I don't get an oil leak at the distributor shaft when I put it back together. Also, check the bushings for wear and such; now would be a good time to rebuild the distributor if it needs that.

I need to go find some kind of insulating wrap for the EGR tube, because otherwise it'll cook the fuel injection harness.

Then I turned my attention to the dirt bike. The cylinder is off and boxed up for a trip to the machine shop, whenever I may get around to it. It probably will not be tomorrow since I've got a doctor appointment in the morning, a therapy appointment in the afternoon, and Bible study in the evening.

...and on the same trip that I take the cylinder in for machining, I intend to take the scrap metal to the recycler. I've got iron and aluminum junk to get rid of. Whee!

* * *

Nice and cool outside and I don't feel like being at the computer, so I think I'll go lay down or read or something.

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