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#3542: Well, that was neat.

So yesterday I got the recycling taken over to the scrapyard. I walked out of there with $10 for my trouble, which ain't half bad considering I forgot half the scrap iron.

I can bring them the whole Escort motor and get scrap iron price for it, or I can separate it into aluminum and steel and get more for the aluminum. Regardless I'll probably sell the transmission on Craigslist or somewhere, but since the engine burned oil (and has now sat for three years) I'm betting it's fit only for rebuilding, or scrap. Since you can find about 50,000 Escort engines at the various scrapyards within twenty miles of the bunker, it's probably not worth trying to sell it. And it ought to be enough money that it will pay for the machine work on the dirt bike's cylinder.

Which I dropped off at the Yamaha dealership, for boring and honing, on the way home from the scrapyard yesterday. That'll cost $90 and it'll be ready next week.

Today, then, I went to get my picture taken for the church directory. I bought some pictures to give to various folks, and it only cost me $132. (I could have paid $250 if I'd gotten frames, retouching, and their premium photo mounting.)

*sigh* Well, I knew that none of this was going to be cheap, anyway.

On the plus side, when I get the dirt bike put together again, it ought to make plenty of power. Much more than it made with one worn ring and the cylinder bore worn out of spec.

* * *

WORM reports that the British NHS is thinking of offering its services to foreigners for money.

First commentor gets it right:
Why would I buy a service from a company that is known to be utterly ineffective, useless, top heavy, overly expensive and incompetent?
Not to mention having very poor infant mortality rates, huge wait times, and wards that are riddled with clostridium difficile?

* * *

The risk of recession has doubled! That's if you don't understand that the recession never ended.

* * *

Postal service wastes money because it's a government bureaucracy. Print millions of Simpsons stamps, then raise the price of postage...yeah. Brilliant. Thanks, guys.

* * *

Something is going on in Illinois with regard to the Second Amendment.
Ronald Dozier, State's Attorney for McLean County, IL, today fired a shot across the bow of those opposing concealed carry in Illinois. He sent out a press release today regarding Illinois laws and the Second Amendment. In that press release, he said that as of today his office won't enforce Illinois laws relating to the FOID Card Act, the Unlawful Use of Weapons, and Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapons as they appear to contravene the Supreme Court's rulings in Heller and McDonald.
As much as I cheer this attitude, I'm not sure I can support it.

"Eh?" You ask. "What--you're an A-number-one gun guy and you disagree?"

The function of a State's Attorney is to prosecute criminal cases against people who violate the law. It is not his function to decide what laws are (or are not) constitutional.

The press release makes some good points about the function of a State's Attorney and how much discretion a State's Attorney has in prosecuting cases, so it doesn't look as if Mr. Dozier is exceeding his authority--but on the other hand this issue is vital enough that I want everyone to be crystal clear about the legality and constitutionality of Mr. Dozier's decision.

The press release certainly makes all the right points vis-a-vis the effectiveness of gun control; I do believe Mr. Dozier has his heart in the right place.

Meanwhile, the cops in McLean County will continue to arrest people for violation of the FOID act as they should since that is exactly what their job is. The SA can decide to prosecute or not to; the police, however, are required to follow procedure in arresting people who are in violation of the law, and a violation of the FOID act is (at least nominally) severe enough that the violator must be arrested.

I want Illinois to become a "shall-issue" state. I want the ludicrous and draconian gun laws to be stricken from the books. Maybe this SA making this decision is a step in the right direction; I certainly hope so.

* * *

Alan Caruba talks about the government's desire to disarm citizens and begins his post with a common graphic of politicians who believed in gun control.

This is the most obvious indication that gun control advocates are anti-freedom: who, in history, agreed with their aims to limit the civilian ownership of weaponry. Hint: it had nothing to do with stemming "violent crime".

* * *

A couple that own a gun store get arrested for selling ammunition destined for Mexican drug cartels. Okay, so when do we arrest Eric Holder for "Fast and Furious"?

* * *

You may not give away bottled water even when it's 112° outside unless you get a permission slip from the city government.

Especially when you're a Christian.

...have to wonder what the deal would have been if it were muslims doing it? But muslims are not well-known for their charitable acts, anyway.

* * *

Obama comes to a town for a fundraiser, and stiffs the town on the police and fire department overtime.

Denninger asks, "Can someone explain to me why the town should have put up the police and other protective services at all when an extraordinary, planned and intentional event comes from President Obama?"

It wasn't even an official visit; it was a fundraising stop.

I agree with Denninger 100% on this. I don't care which President you're talking about, either.

* * *

As if gas wasn't already expensive enough, JayG posts this gem of a news story about BP recalling two million gallons of gasoline.

Gas hit $4.15 a gallon here, and has been slowly falling from that point since, but it's still over $4 per gallon in the Fungal Vale and even higher as you go further north.

JayG points out:
It's interesting, though, that "skyrocketing" gas prices don't seem to be an issue this campaign season. Neither are soldier deaths overseas, or the stock market.... The homeless have completely and utterly ceased to exist, and global warming is only still an issue because those evil Reublicans keep buying SUVs...
Yep. Exactly! Those things are only a problem when a little (R) is in the White House, instead of the little (d) we've got now.

* * *

I've been rereading Lovely Complex for the hey of it, and enjoying it.

* * *

...I don't have anything else. Sorry.

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