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#3546: Garage progress

So after I finished the last post, I got on the motorcycle to go to Og's place to pick up his fuel pressure gauge, in order to continue the Great Fiero Auffixennünger Project.

Front tire of motorcycle: flat. Rear tire: 24 PSI.


...pumped up the front tire, then rode over to Og's place. He had not put the fuel pressure gauge [in secret location] as promised; but since the Ogwife was home and sitting on the front porch waiting for pizza delivery, I was able to go into the garage and find the gauge myself.

After spending several minutes on Proper Beagle Protocol, of course. One must have priorities.

Anyway, then I rode home, ate the remaining pizza from yesterday, and in general chilled out for a little while; once the sun had gone down and the air cooled a bit I opened up the bunker and hied myself out to the garage.

Oh--part of "chilled out" was an abortive attempt to do my grocery shopping. See, Pepsi is on sale this week (4 for $10) and I was going to get Pepsi and some other necessities...but Walt's had absolutely NO diet Pepsi in bottles. Not of any kind.

I could have bought four six-packs of Mountain Dew and I could have bought cans, but I prefer bottles.

So I abandoned my cart in the drink aisle and walked out, intent on coming back when they have the soda I like in my preferred form factor. First time that's happened, though.

Then I read more Lovely Complex and relaxed until it was cool enough blah blah blah etcetera.

First up: Fiero. I hooked up the fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail, turned the key, and watched the gauge shoot up to 40 PSI right away. Shut off the key, and it lost 4 PSI in about ten seconds.

Something connected to the fuel rail is leaking. I'm thinking it's at least one injector, but it could also be the fuel pressure regulator.

So what I get to do next is to remove the fuel rail and repeat the test. That'll show me which of the injectors is leaking, and I can replace them with known good ones from the spare set I bought [whenever it was].

...but it doesn't mean they're bad; it just means they're clogged with crap. They can be cleaned out and reused, but I'm not going to worry about that right now. First step is to find the leaks and repair them with known-good components; and then when I button the thing up I bet she'll run like a champ again.

Or at least I PRAY she'll run like a champ again.


Not wanting to dive into the fuel rail tonight, I turned my attention to the spare Escort engine. I had to move a few things around, but I was able to work on it in the back of the garage where it's been sitting for three years.

In perhaps two and a half hours, I stripped it down to the long block. Transmission is off, flywheel is off, everything is off except the accessory bracket and head, because I need those things in order to lift the block onto the engine stand for further disassembly. I'm going to tear the thing down completely in order to eke every last little bit of aluminum out of the thing I can--and get more money for it.

The transmission, however, I am going to clean very thoroughly and then put it up for sale on Craigslist for $100. It's a good transmission, dang it; it just looks crummy and I can take care of that in about an hour with some detergent and the pressure washer, and then a good stiff brush.

I might sell the intake process there, too--I mean, it's a complete intake manifold with fuel injectors, throttle body, fuel rail, wiring harness, etc. It comes off as a unit. The exhaust manifold is cast iron, though, and it's going to the scrap yard.

Interesting bit: there was a nut missing from one of the intake manifold studs. Also, one of the exhaust studs was not torqued down. I think someone had the head off this engine at some point, and did a less-than-professional job of reinstalling it.

I'm going to look over the cylinder head before I disassemble it. If it turns out to be fine, I'll sell it on Craigslist, too. Do you know what a cylinder head for this car costs from a boneyard? Last time I checked they were running $300. I ought to be able to get at least $150 out of it, if it's in good shape.

Assuming that the #4 cylinder was burning oil because of rings, that is. If that's the case, then the head isn't the problem and off we go. But if the #4 cylinder looks like it just left the factory (unlikely) then there's a bad oil seal in the head, and. Yeah.

So I'm not just blindly tearing the thing apart, intent on scrapping the entire thing. I'm going to do what I can to extract as much money from it as possible. Heh.

* * *

Speaking of which:

September 15 and 16 are major garage sale days here in the Fungal Vale--it'll be a town-wide event--so I could, theoretically, put prices on a bunch of stuff and see how things go since there'll be plenty of folks out looking for bargains. Why not have a little yard sale? Eh? Granted I have to split most of the proceeds four ways since most of the stuff is from the estate, but I do have a few things of my own that I no longer need and which I could sell. (Example: a complete component stereo system I will never use.)

* * *

Anyway, now it's 11 PM and I'm worn out; in a bit I'm going to go take a shower, because believe me I need one.


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