atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3547: Yeah, the police shot more people than the maniac did.

Weer'd's got the skinny:

"Let’s face it, the killer shot one person dead, the Police shot 9 people and killed one of them. This is a Police shooting."

And he links an article confirming that the police hurt more people than the crazy guy did.

To be fair, there were more police present.

Apparently Bloomberg thinks the nine victims of police brutality were shot by martians or something. Karl Denninger makes an excellent point here: those cops were extraordinarily negligent in shooting at that guy the way they did.

It's one of the four basic rules of firearm safety, damn it: know what you're shooting at, because you're responsible for where those bullets end up.

One bystander: "I could have been dead. I could have been dead." Hell yeah, you could have been dead--and that cop would most likely get a slap on the wrist and still be working as a cop when they commemorate the first anniversary of your death.

There have to be consequences for this kind of irresponsibility. Especially in a city like NYC, where civilians aren't allowed the basic civil right of self-defense.

It's like I said yesterday: if you shot someone breaking into your home and a stray bullet just hit someone's house the cops would arrest you and you'd probably lose your guns. There cannot--there must not--be a second, lesser standard for police. If anything, the police should be held to a higher standard.

* * *

The first man on the moon has died and he's done so 43 years after he first set foot on the moon...and what have we done since then?

The best way to honor is memory is to go the fuck back and STAY there and do something useful with all that raw material and energy that's just waiting for us to exploit it.

* * *

Stupid people:

On my way to the bank this afternoon, I had to slow down and wait for this idiot to pull out of the parking lot of the video rental place. Apparently he couldn't turn his steering wheel more than about half a turn in either direction, because he was sitting across the westbound lane waiting for traffic in the eastbound lane to clear, before he could finish pulling out of the parking lot.

He didn't seem to have oversize tires on his car, but then he pulled into the bank's parking lot so he could turn around, and--again--the front wheels did not pivot very far.

I don't know what was wrong with that idiot or his car, but if you can't perform basic maneuvers like turning out of a parking lot onto a road without using the whole road, don't drive the fucking car. Either get it fixed, or learn how to drive. Shit.


I go to the store, and as I'm pulling into the parking lot this teenaged girl (perhaps 14?) is getting a cart from the corral for her mother, who's getting jugs from the back seat. They're obviously going to buy water, right? So they get into the store ahead of me, and as I'm trying to get a cart the woman starts to pull one cart out, then changes her mind and picks another, and then proceeds to take the empty jugs from the cart they brought in from the parking lot and put it into the cart she selected, all the while blocking the entrance and making people walk around her, her daughter, their two carts, and their stupid water jugs.


I took the cart she'd rejected and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. That store keeps their carts in good repair, anyway, so it's very seldom you get one with a bad wheel or a chattering caster or whatever.

I didn't say what I wanted to say: "Lady, you're not buying the cart. You don't need to search for the best one." Shit.

On the plus side, overnight the shelves were magically restocked with bottled diet Pepsi in its various flavors, and I was able to buy four six-packs as I'd intended to yesterday.

Total grocery bill, $42 and a few cents, but I forgot to buy ice cream...and since I'm making a fresh batch of apple crisp, I'm going to need that.


* * *

Dinner tonight's going to be burritos. I've got the meat defrosting now; since I got the Cholula hot sauce I've been dying for tacos or something, and burritos will do.

* * *

Cold-soaked the bunker last night, after the sun went down; the high today was around 90 and it's about 81 inside, but I'm not turning on the AC for the sake of a couple of hours. It's 6 now; the sun will be setting in about an hour and a half and it's already a lot cooler outside than it was even an hour ago.

Now, if it gets to be 9 PM and it's still warm outside, maybe then I will turn on the AC.

I had to run it continuously for most of July, damn it; I don't want to run it any more than I have to, and with the dewpoint sitting at 57° I don't think I really have to.

* * *

One more from the "moron" pile--

Last night Ormusia was doing a random, and got into Violet Hold with people who were clearly munchkins. One person claimed to be Japanese, living with people who don't speak Japanese, and claimed that the name of his toon translated to "white bitch" in Japanese. I don't know Japanese well enough (or "at all" perhaps) to know slang, particularly the obscure bits, so I don't know how true that was. What I do know is that anyone who names his toon "white bitch" in any language is a freakin' munchkin. Or anything dirty or sexual--okay, while you think you're clever and original when you name your toon "Herpess", you may safely trust me when I tell you that you are neither.

Anyway, so this one douche pipes up in party chat, "Some1 tell me again why I named my mage Vagbeam".

What decorum and tact kept me from saying: "I'm pretty sure it's because you're an idiot." But I thought it really, really hard.

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