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#3548: Oh, yeah--Sunday's post, on Monday, I guess.

Sunday was busy, but that's okay.

* * *

Obviously NBC News' site is run by poorly-educated millennials because only someone who wasn't there for the event would mistake Neil Young for Neil Armstrong.

One's a hippy moron. The other walked on the freakin' moon. This is not that complicated.

* * *

I didn't know this: there have been only three occasions since 1945 where a President did not commemorate D-Day.

All three of them have been on Barack Hussein Obama's watch: 2010, 2011, 2012. Yeah. This year he skipped it to go campaign.

* * *

But there's push-back against Obama's incessant campaigning. I'm sure plenty of people at that university are horrified and angry that they refused the Obama campaign's request.

Problem is, the President's campaign won't (wouldn't) pay for security at the event; the university would have to pay for it--and why should they, when it's a campaign stop?

Besides disrupting the class schedule and everything else that would be going on, the university having to pay for the security that would be required--in order for Obama to make a campaign appearance--is ludicrous.

Denninger gets it right there, and it doesn't matter who is doing the campaigning.

* * *

Apparently Jon isn't the only neurotic person in Garfield Without Garfield:

...home-brew strip there. Liz clearly has issues with cabbage.

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