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#3549: For Christ's sake, don't you people know a typo when you see one?

Yeah, the previous post title said "Stunday" instead of "Sunday". It was a typo, perfectly innocuous, and I thought I could leave it. Apparently I couldn't! Well, it's fixed, so can we all stop freaking out over it now?

* * *

Obama's racial quotas for school discipline have the effect you'd expect them to. "Hey, guess what? Jimmy beat up a white boy last week and didn't get in any trouble for it!"

Yeah--word gets around fast and the next thing you know you've got kids doing whatever the hell they feel like doing, because they can and won't be punished for it.

That school is going to be a shithole in a year's time, if it's not already.

* * *

And it's the same outside of schools, too. And Karl Denninger finishes his post by wondering, "I wonder if the Chicago cops can shoot any better than the NYC ones...."

Probably not.

Avoid big cities at all costs. It's just too dangerous.

How dangerous? 9 dead, 28 wounded, in three days. Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States, and extreme gun control has yielded its usual bitter harvest.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy:
We're not winning, we're not losing. We're basically treading water. [In the month of August] we had some trouble because some of these retaliatory shootings are happening quicker than we can stop them.
Hate to break it to you, dude, but you are failing.

Okay? Very next sentence in the article: "The Chicago Police Department is trying to deal with a 28-percent spike in the city's homicide total in 2012 compared to the same period last year."

Yeah: I'm staying the hell away from Chicago.

* * *

The Anchoress writes a thoughtful post on how people are feeling out there.

Let us talk again about ominous creaking noises.

Sadly, Dick no longer has a blog--and the Internet is much poorer for that!--but luckily I saved his comments:
Listen up, you goddamned communists.

You cocksuckers should've been taken out, beaten, then forced to leave this great nation for purposefully ignoring the will of the people. And not to mention, the intentional damage you've done to our constitution and country. If it was up to me, your asses would be on trial right now.

Shut the fuck up and be happy you're still above ground and in one piece.
There is a real, palpable anger among the American people right now, anger at a government which is completely ignoring them and doing its own thing for its own reasons.

And when "rocks fall, everyone dies," there are always ominous creaking noises first.
Things are worse than they were in 2010, and plenty of people are seriously worried that Obama will not quietly step down if he is de-elected come November. Some folks think there won't even be elections.

Can you say for sure there will? I know I cannot--and it bothers me that I can't say for sure that there will. At this point in 1996 I certainly didn't feel this way; as much of a skunk as Clinton was, he at least understood the value of rule of law. Obama clearly does not--or, if he does, simply does not care about it--and his actions as President have shown that he believes himself above the law.

And he's already declared, in several executive orders, that the United States is in a "national emergency".

Can you say for sure that we'll have elections this November and that Obama will accede to the will of the people thus expressed? Even if he loses? I don't care if you admit it to me or not--just ask yourself the question and honestly consider it.

Can you say for sure?

* * *

Anyway, I want some food, and then I don't know what I'll do.

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