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#3550: WoW update and 1/4 of the blogroll

I'm only scanning 25% of the blogroll, because of how WoW is updating. It's doing a "client optimization" thing which it claims will take "15-60 minutes" and--after about ten--is 0% complete. So I've got to get off the Intertubs and let it do its thing in foreground.


So when I do the next post, I'll scan from Vox Day onward and get the rest of the omnibus in motion.

* * *

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Rachel Corrie laid down in front of a bulldozer thinking she would somehow stop Israel from bulldozing an illegal Palestinian house. Instead, she got flattened.

I think Douglas Adams said it best:
Mr. Prosser: Mr. Dent, do you know how much damage this bulldozer would suffer if I were to let it roll straight over you?

Arthur Dent: (looks at bulldozer) How much?

Mr. Prosser: (smiling) None at all.
I don't have any sympathy for stupid people who get killed doing stupid things.

* * *

GM has apparently stopped talking about how many Volts they want to produce. Well?
A GM spokesman wouldn't confirm whether the company planned to idle the plant.

"We don't comment on production schedules," the spokesman said. "We continue to match supply and demand."
But hey! GM actually sold over 10,000 of the things. How amazing is that?

Granted, ten thousand is just a wee bit fewer than the 60,000 they were originally going to make this year--and it's a mite lower a number than the revised 45,000 figure that was bandied about before they got hep to reality and decided to, as said above, "match supply and demand".

But they're not even doing that: right now GM has a three-month supply of the things...with considerably less than a week left in the model year. (Assuming that the model year starts in September, which is Saturday.)

* * *

Highest gas prices ever just before Labor Day? Gas finally dropped below $4 per gallon here in the Fungal Vale. We'll see.

* * *

Yet another reason not to get a tattoo. Contaminated tattoo ink can cause health problems. What a surprise!


* * *

Still 0% and I have to move my ass, anyway. More later.

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