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#3551: Here's what I got from the rest of the blogroll.

Turns out that the Blizzard updater thingy simply wasn't updating its window when it was in the background; as soon as I closed everything else and foregrounded it, it went from 0% to 100% immediately and started downloading the patch.


...after I finished my shower it was finished patching and everything was fine. Whee!

It looks good, though they changed the way talents work and messed with glyphs and-and-and.

* * *

Karl Denninger:
Recession is in these numbers and I maintain my call that it will be "formally recognized" later this fall into the winter, despite the fact that in reality we never left recession and are simply trying to devalue our way out -- a path that is mathematically doomed to failure.
Whee! It's a cavalcade of fun!

* * *

These are real pictures from WW2 but they look fake.

* * *

Ten myths about conservatives that the mainstream media believe.

* * *

Vox Day suggests that Obama is not going to become a tyrant and cancel the elections in November because he's too lazy. I hope he's right.

* * *

I saw this Borepatch post a few days ago, and didn't actually watch the video until yesterday...and now I have that tune stuck in my head, so I came up with a couple of new verses to "The Government!":
Who can take the Juden?
Sprinkle them with lye
pull out all their fillings, put a bullet in their eye
The Government!
The Government can!
The Government can when it takes all of the guns and makes the people its bitch!
If you speak your mi-ind
It's something that they dread
Who'll put you in the gulag and then shoot you in the head?
The Government!
It is entirely possible that I do not have a very favorable view of government. But don't you worry! I'm not going to put on a ghillie suit and hide out in the Rocky Mountains or anything. I prefer to work within the system.


* * *

Anyway, most of Mists of Pandaria is live now, so I'm gonna go play and see what comes up.

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