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#3553: Let's get these out of the way.

It turns out that my phone call this morning was with the recruiter I talked to yesterday--but it was a pretty positive phone call and I'm optimistic.

* * *

So New York and Connecticut are thinking about forcing guns makers to put microstamp firing pins in their guns. And the gun manufacturers that exist in those states are therefore considering leaving those states rather than continue to pay taxes to a bunch of anti-rights thugs.

I'm going to say it again: microstamping is a de facto gun registration system, and that's all it is.

* * *

Well, how interesting. In order to keep raisin prices from cratering the government seizes 47% of a small farmer's crop, and then uses that seized property to pay for seizing other peoples' private property.

...and that's blatantly unconstitutional, because FIFTH AMENDMENT, bitches.

* * *

Gas went up precipitously while I wasn't looking. Sunday, gas in the Fungal Vale was $3.95 a gallon. Tuesday afternoon, it was $4.25 a gallon, which represents a $0.30 increase.

I was all, "Shit!" I rode the motorcycle to Bible study on Tuesday night, since it's obvious that there isn't anyone letting air out of my tires. I don't know what the hell's going on with that thing.

* * *

From the junk e-mail folder, I have a couple of junk e-mails which were so spectacularly weird and stupid I had to post them here:
Subj: Is that your photography in adult- tube?

Do you know how to surprise your BBF on Valentines?

Here is few tips:

[link redacted]

Gain some extra strenght and be ready to become an advanced fuckmachine!

Bruce Kuzilla
Thank God for you, Bruce! I'm sure ready to become an advanced fuckmachine! It's a privilege to learn from someone who's obviously an expert fuckmachine!

Subj: You in sexy woman panties?

Hey, have you ever seen my little brother in women underwear?

No, my little freak is not homo, he is Selena Gomez fan.. or something

[link redacted]

Lets associate this ... movement?

Jay Jordan
No thanks, Jay! I choose not to associate this movement because I'm not into drag queens. Sorry.

...but I kept forgetting about them, only today I had occasion to check my junk e-mail folder and was reminded of this nonsense. Now that I've posted them here, I've deleted them.

This is progress.

* * *

And no Thursday would be complete without a home-brewed Garfield Without Garfield:

("What? You don't do those every Thursday!" I know. There are a lot of incomplete Thursdays.)

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