atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3555: It's Saturday and I ain't got nothin'

I really don't have a damned thing to talk about.

Weather: it's been cloudy for the past couple of days and it rained today. Apparently the remnants of the hurricane are heading this way and we're in for a few rainy days. Right on labor day weekend, too. Whee!

It's warm enough--and sticky enough--outside that I've had the AC on. Today is cooler than yesterday, but it's still really humid, and the AC doesn't have to run much to keep it a reasonable temperature inside the bunker, so I'm standing pat for now.

August was a lot cooler than July was, anyway; I hardly had to run the AC at all.

And now it's September!

* * *

Fierorama is in a week, and $5 says my Fiero ain't gonna be ready for it. *sigh*

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