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#3557: Remains of the Hurricanes

Warm, muggy weather thanks to the remnant of hurricane Isaac. Whee! I've had the AC on for the past three days. Oh well.

Me, I'm sitting here feeling woozy and slightly disconnected. I was unable to sleep again last night, but didn't want to take Xanax because of the coma it would put me in--it'd be nice if I could actually get something done for a change--and so I ended up tossing and turning until past 7 AM.

So tonight my plan is to take half a tab of Xanax at freaking midnight, because tomorrow I need to go to the bank and get some other errands attended to. Also, it'd be nice to get some stuff done on Tuesday before Bible study.

I'm going to try to have the Fiero at 100% so I can actually go to Fierorama on Sunday. We'll see if the fuel injection system has other ideas, or what; and once I get the engine buttoned up and running correctly I still have to attend to the brakes. Argh etc.

Well, it could be worse, right? Right???

* * *

Vox Day talks about the GOP convention and how it was very carefully run by the GOP elites to select their boy while excluding any debate. This kind of thing is why I no longer see any difference between Democrats and Republicans.

After all, the last thing the GOP leadership wants is for us to elect another Reagan. Ye Gods.

* * *

Journalists are full of shit. Borepatch has a post up about the general untrustworthiness of the media.

Example: "Rathergate". Then the press wonders why the general public doesn't trust them, when Dan Rather is held up as an exemplar of journalism?

* * *

Facebook IPO ain't gonna help California. I'd wager the CA government built into their spending plan all the lovely money that was to come from them in the forms of capital gains taxes on Facebook stock. CA thought they'd get about $500 million a year from Facebook stock gains.

Problem: Facebook stock is worth less than half what it was at IPO, and there are no capital gains to be taxed.

And CA isn't going to cut spending to bring its state budget in line with its income; why, that's just crazy talk--so CA residents can expect tax increases.

...further depressing the state economy, of course.

* * *

"Why are you looking at us like we're idiots?" As that AoSHQ post notes, the Democrat approach to this election is, "Who are you gonna believe? Us, or your own lying eyes?"

I can believe that the Democrat Party leadership thinks they can get positive spin from the oft-repeated "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" meme. The Democrat leaders get up and say, "Absolutely!" when asked the question.

A Democrat politician can answer the question honestly, because Obamacare has given the government control over 1/6th of the nation's economy. Of course Democrats are better off than they were four years ago--they've socialized medicine--but it doesn't mean that Americans in general are.

And who cares about them, anyway? They're just proles, after all; we've got plenty of those and they don't really matter.

While this might resonate well in the liberal echo chamber, though, out here in hicksville it simply falls flat, because people know that the media is full of BS (see above) and that they are not, in fact, better off than they were four years ago.

* * *

The Mists of Pandaria content goes live on the 25th, but August 28th was when the patch went live that changed the talent system and the character generation system and-and-and.

Edapha is a human priest I made on the 28th to check out how the character generation system works--it works very nicely--and kept playing because I thought it'd be nice to try building a healer toon again.

There are a few bugs with the new version:

And no, I didn't get those stat bonuses when I equipped the things; the bug is a display bug, not an item bug.

More's the pity, because that much Stamina would give me a 15,000 hit point bonus, and a level 14 priest with 15,000 hit points would be unstoppable in level-appropriate zones. "Damn, that murloc knocked almost two hundred hit points off me. I'd better heal myself sometime this week! AHH HA HA HA HA HAAAAaaa...."

(And with that much Spirit, my mana would regenerate as soon as I finished casting a spell.)

* * *

Incidentally--last night Ormusia hit 80th level and got "exalted" rep with her guild. Ormusia is the fourth toon of mine to hit 80th, and I'm not experience-capping her at 80th as I did with her brother; instead I'll let her go on to 85th. I might actually get her there before MoP goes live on the 25th, at which point the level cap goes up to 90th. Whee!

Even though I haven't been able to RP much in the past few weeks, Ormusia's been a great deal of fun to play. Also, she's currently my richest toon, having 7,800 GP in the bank.

...a few days ago she sold a Tome of Glyph Mastery for 900 GP. I wish I'd checked the AH for tome prices before using two of them, because I could have sold all three at that price and made 2,700 rather than 900.

Still, I play the game to go have virtual adventures, not to play the World of Warcraft Capitalism Simulator. Some people enjoy spending four hours a day tending their auctions, but I'm not one of them. I'm playing the game because I like pretending to go into holes in the ground, beat up monsters, and take their stuff, damn it.

Which is why Ormusia is now questing in Icecrown, I might add; but to get really good equipment one must go to the Cataclysm zones. Ormusia needs better equipment! Once I hit 81st I think I'll head for Hyjal or Vash'jir, and work on gearing her up.

Of course, another possibility is to park her at 80th and let old Ormus advance. I've already been running him around Vash'jir, doing quests for gear and money (mostly money) and the occasional bit of herbalism, even though he's locked at 80th. I've found that he can handle it fairly well, since he's already geared to (low) Cata level.

But once the 25th comes, like just about everyone else I'm making a panda.

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