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#3558: Well, that didn't work out at all well.

Going to bed around 1 AM last night, with Xanax, yielded me finally getting to sleep after the sun had come up. So when I finally got up to run my errands, it was 2:30 in the afternoon and I felt embalmed.

I managed to stay awake for four hours before I simply could not keep my eyes open any longer...and slept all of two hours. *sigh*

Hence, today's blog post is going up after 10 PM.

* * *

I'm just going to lump all the Democrat convention stuff in one section.

The Democrat party carefully excises from its platform all pro-Israel language. Everyone knows that the inner-city Jews will vote Democrat; but if they don't, it's fine, because Hymietown is a very, very small minority anyway. There are more muslims than there are inner-city Jews in the US. Right?


This article has a useful description of the Democrat definitiion of "lie", meaning "untruth" or "malicious fiction": "a truth that Democrats don’t like".

It says, of a recent AP article titled, "FACT CHECK: Ryan Takes Factual Shortcuts in Speech":
You know what’s funny about this piece? Not a single item highlighted is a factual shortcut or an untruth. They are simply items that put the president in a bad light. Now, some conclusions Ryan comes to might be contestable or they may make Ryan look like a hypocrite, but none of them are inaccurate.
This is the first time I've ever seen the Democrats and their media lapdogs this desperate. It's kind of funny. Oh, they usually dismiss truths they don't like, but they don't come right out and say, "He's lying! He's lying!" when someone's telling a truth they don't want told.

No, they usually accuse people of racism or some other bigotry...but that's losing traction, because the American people are saying, "We elected a black President, and he sucks. STFU."

Also because the Democrats have over-used it to deflect reasonable criticisms of Obama's performance as President. You know, it's not racist to note that Obama's spent more time on the golf course than the last three Presidents combined.


Obama administration gives a waiver to a refinery in order to get votes.
...[I]n just a couple of months, the Obama administration orchestrated the rescue of the East Coast’s largest oil refinery. Utilizing quiet but muscular exertions, the administration circumnavigated its own onerous regulations, wielded executive power to plow through multiple sticky layers of bureaucracy, goaded — or intimidated — state and local governments into offering incentives for investment, and appealed to the financial sector for help.
But it's not about making energy affordable for Americans, oh no! This is a cynical ploy to keep energy prices low until after the elections in November. Once Obama is securely in power in the White House, the waivers will magically dry up or expire and the people who invested all that money in the refinery will find themselves poorer for it.

And gas will get more expensive.

* * *

Borepatch is an expert on computer security so I take what he says seriously. I've disabled Java in my browser again, because of this story.

Short form: there's a really bad, bad Java exploit out there that is a bitch and a half to eliminate once you get it.

I downloaded Combofix and it didn't hang my system, though, so I've got that going for me.

* * *

Okay, two from Karl Denninger:

Obama can't fill the Stadium That Dare Not Speak Its Name so the Democrat Party and the mainstream media are going to pretend that it's filled to capacity. His conclusion, presented with emphasis removed:
What do we label the DNC belief that just one third of the stadium might be filled with attendees of various stripes, so they need to fake 2/3rds of the capacity of the stadium in terms of "apparent interest" in his "acceptance speech"?

There's simply no other way to describe it.


I have to agree: Why does the FBI have--and why does it need--a list of twelve million users of Apple products, their addresses, and cell phone numbers? And, furthermore, how did they get that information? Did Apple provide it to them? Why?

This is awful smelly.

* * *

Good thing I didn't wait to make my mac and cheese!

...when I woke up at 9 PM I woke up hungry, and after calling Lemonzen as promised (and getting her voice mail) I decided I'd make something simple: mac and cheese with tuna and green beans. It takes one pan, it's fast and easy, and doesn't take any brain power to make. As long as you can handle making mac and cheese, you can make this dish.

Lemonzen called me back around 9:30 and we chatted for half an hour before she went to bed; then I stirred my stumps and went kitchen-ward. Had a pot of water on and boiling before I checked the milk, which I bought in early August, and it was halfway to cheese--so I changed clothes and got on the motorcycle in order to go buy milk. One quick trip to the gas station later, I turned the heat under the water back on and made my food.

Now (at 11:30 PM) I sit here with food. This is progress.

But there's a big-ass line of thunderstorms on the way towards the Fungal Vale, and it'll probably be here in about forty minutes or so. If I'd put off going to get milk any longer I might have had to take the Jeep, and thus expend much more fuel than was strictly necessary.

Look: the bike gets at least three times the fuel economy of the Jeep, particularly when you're talking about schlepping around town. This kind of errand is the entire reason I got the thing (other than "IT'S A TON OF FUN!!!!") and subsequently got a trunk for it.

Incidentally, the front tire continues to go flat overnight and the rear tire continues to hold 24 PSI, and NO I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND WTF IS GOING ON.

* * *

Speaking of progress: I just wrote a quick ad for the "other mall" section of the Fiero forum, offering various Escort engine parts for sale.

Rebuilt cylinder heads start at about $250 and up on ebay (and go to $370) so I figure $175 is a fair price for a good take-off part. Transmissions run around $125 (so I'm asking $100 for mine) and it looks like I could get $50 for the fuel rail with injectors if I wanted to dick around with disassembling the intake--but instead I'm simply offering the whole intake process for $100.

And just in case someone wants a rebuildable short block, I offered that for $75. Both the transmission and short block are pickup only but there are plenty of Fiero guys in this neck of the wood, and lots of them read the forum--so, no problem there.

In a week, then, I'll put this stuff on Craigslist. Heck, maybe I'll put some of it up for sale at the garage sale. Why not?

* * *

But that's neither here nor there. It's now early on Wednesday morning and my first priority has to be reassembling the Fiero and getting it working correctly.

On the plus side, the thunderstorm that's arriving right about now (it's 12:30A as I write this) should herald cooler temperatures and reduced humidity. Hooray!

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