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#3566: Do yourself a favor.

Go to Culver's and get yourself a Colby Jack Pub Burger before they stop selling them.

* * *

The Fiero is not going to be ready for tomorrow's show. There's just no way; I haven't even looked at the thing since I mucked about with the injectors the other night. Whenever that was. *sigh* Well, guess who's fault that is?

* * *

That thing should be a punt gun, not a hand-carried firearm. It's just too damned big. How big is that projectile? 30 mm? Shit.

* * *

Christian pastor in islamic shithole has actually been released from prison. He was facing death for apostasy (ie "refusing to toe the muslim line and stubbornly following Jesus") but has been acquitted and released. Thank God!


* * *

National Review staff didn't like their hotel, so they moved to one they liked better.
What was wrong with the motel? Well, it was low-class, dangerous, and--though none of the chestless ones used the word in their horrified accounts of their ordeal--black. In other words, they were following the very same John Derbyshire rules for which Derbyshire was fired from NR, with the unanimous support of every person at that magazine.
As a Christian I'm not supposed to believe in karma, but damn, it's a bitch regardless of whether you believe in it or not. Heh.

* * *

Linked because of the Karl Denninger quote: "The question is, 'Do you believe in Skittle-shitting unicorns?'"

Because that's what you've got to believe in to think that the US government can continue, ad infinitum, to spend $1,300 billion more per year than it collects in various taxes.

* * *

I was going to make a wisecracky comment to this Bluesun post of a picture of a steam locomotive, but I decided it was too lame to do there.

So I'll do it here instead: "486? I remember those days! Now I've got a Pentium D!"


...when I was a kid, I preferred diesel locomotives to steam. Steam was hot and heavy and old ("old?" OLD!) so it didn't appeal to me. The sleek lines of the diesel locomotives, the clean and efficient way they smoothly applied tractive effort with the swing of a single lever--it was elegant, compared to the clanky and dirty way steam locomotives belch smoke and steam and require two able-bodied men to perform physical labor to operate. Simple fact is that a diesel-electric locomotive can be about 30% efficient, where a steam locomotive struggles to do better than 8%.

I was an engineer by inclination from an early age, I guess. I never thought that all steam locomotives should be scrapped or anything, because I recognized the value of old things and the preservation of history; I just didn't think there was anything special about them and would walk around the steam locomotive to get a good gander at the diesel standing behind it.

As I've gotten older, though, I've come to understand--at least a little better--the appeal that steam locomotives have for people. Oh, if I had to haul a train across the countriside I'd use a diesel locomotive (because nothing else makes sense) but I do like seeing steam engines in action.

As long as someone else is shoveling the coal.

* * *

I actually gave some thought to doing some work on the MGB this week, to get it functional, and then hauling it out of the garage next weekend and sticking a sign on it: "$2,000 firm".

...but if I get this job at Comcast? I'm going to give everyone who has an interest in the thing $500 and keep it, thus garnering myself a fancy little convertible for the princely sum of $1,500. Antique vehicle plates and insurance don't cost a lot, and if it's mine I can justify spending money on parts and such to bring it up to spec.

Parts--tires, mostly, as it's never had new tires in all the time it's been here. But it could probably use a clutch, and I'd like to get after the interior and fix a few deficiencies there, and put a new stereo in, and--

The damn thing goes 0-60 in 17 seconds and does the quarter mile in 18.5 seconds with a top speed of 65. It's not exactly a rocket, yet it's a blast to drive. "No roof" counts for a lot.

Also, if the car is mine I can modify it to make a little more power. Most of that will be ditching the emissions system, which doesn't work worth a hill of beans anyway--get rid of the catalytic convertor, the air pump, and all the associated junk, and retune the engine. It won't make the car much faster than it is now, but at that end of the scale every little bit helps.

Perhaps I could--eventually--do an engine swap and put a more modern engine into the thing. There's a kit to put a GM 3.4 V6 into the car, and oddly enough the GM V6 weighs about the same as the OEM 4-cylinder. Maybe a bit more, but not much, because the original equipment engine is way overbuilt.

(And no, it's not overbuilt in the way that lets you add a turbocharger. But I might try that once I'm ready to put a V6 in, because if the engine grenades at least I have an excuse to do the engine swap.... Heck, even a couple PSI of boost would wake that car up, I bet.)

But keeping the MGB would also mean having to find a place to store it--or the Fiero--in winter months, because I really would like to start keeping the Jeep in the garage, at least in winter. So I don't have to scrape ice off the windows and such. That'd be lovely.

Everything is a trade-off.


* * *

I had to go shopping today because I was out of the easy stuff. I couldn't have a sandwich--no lunchmeat, but I couldn't even have a PBJ because there was no bread. Same with eggs. The only food in the house required lots of effort to prepare, which is fine if I'm talking about having dinner...but if I just wanted something quick and easy, I was out of luck.

So I crowbarred myself out of bed and hit the store. I got out of there for about $52, which is not too shabby. I bought $10 worth of Rice-a-Roni products since they were $1 per box, and $12 worth of Pepsi.

I also bought butter, eggs, baker's chocolate, and some sundry other items. Whee!

Still to get: cat food and cat litter, which I'll go get from K-mart tomorrow.

* * *

We're barely past the first week of September, and the stores are already set for Halloween. *sigh*

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