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#357: Comic Party et al

I like it.

I just finished watching the first episode of Comic Party and I really enjoyed it.

It started with the main character dreaming he was in To Heart, and they even got the seiyuu from that series to reprise their roles. I nearly busted a gut laughing.

And then he got dragged to an analog of Komiket.

"Komiket" is the big big BIG comics, cosplay, and anime convention in Japan. As far as I know it's a one-day event and it is the Japanese comics fan's WorldCon. It serves as a mainstay for the amateur (or, really, semi-professional) self-published comics industry.

I'm not going to go into a big discussion of the world of Japanese "fanzines", but it's a pretty sizable sub-industry in a country where comics of all sorts generate well over a billion dollars in revenue per year. (And that was in 1994.) I'm just going to say that some people regard these self-published comics--called "doujinshi", which translates to "circle of friends"--as the "real" manga, stuff which is artistically more pure than the commercial releases.

Many doujinshi (or "doujins", as American fans abbreviate the term) are about established characters, the intellectual property of others. For example, there is a wealth of Ranma 1/2 doujins out there. This is not regarded as copyright infringement even if the doujin publisher makes money on sales of his book--doujin sales are a minor blip compared with the massive amounts of money made by the publishing houses.

A professional artist, however, is not allowed to publish doujinshi--at least, not for money. Kenichi Sonoda, artist of Gunsmith Cats and other famous titles, got caught doing it, and ended up paying fines to the Japanese equivalent of the Internal Revenue Service for tax evasion.

Anyway--Comic Party starts with the main character getting dragged to "Comiket"--and he has many bold adventures. I recognized a lot of the people at that convention...not as individuals, of course, but as archetypes.

Really, the story gave me the same kind of feeling that I get from Otaku no Video--these people are Fans and they are my people! So I guess that's why I really enjoyed the first episode, and expect to enjoy all the rest.

* * *

Okusama wa Joshikousei, after two episodes, is pretty good stuff. There's some good fan service in this series and most of the characters are very likable, or at least understandable.

* * *

Girls Bravo second season has started it's "final story" arc. Miharu has been taken back to Seiren--why? We'll find out eventually; there are 2 episodes left. In the meantime it looks like it's going to be enjoyable.

* * *

I am really, really enjoying Amaenaideyo!. The opening theme is really catchy, the girls are cute, and the stories are pretty entertaining.

In episode 6 we get to see Haruka in a cat costume--yay! And she pulls down her neckline and exposes her breasts to Ikko in order to set off his "inner monk", the one that comes out and kicks ass when he sees boobies. Haruka in a cat costume and flashing her breasts--this is a great episode. I was moved to tears.

* * *

As for Ichigo 100%, I've now watched 8 of the 13 episodes, and I'm still really enjoying it. As previously stated it really should have been longer and less compressed. But I'm enjoying what I'm seeing.

* * *

I've been so busy with all this downloaded anime I haven't even thought about unwrapping some of the DVDs I have sitting on my shelf. I saw two copies of the Excel Saga box set at Best Buy the other day, but neither one had a price on it and I was in too much of a hurry to ask about it. I've seen the first DVD of that series and I absolutely love Hyatt. It's insane and funny. I'd like to see the original manga and see why they show that disclaimer about the author's permission, at the beginning of each episode.

But that's a task for another time.

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