atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3570: Ah, it was a year ago today, wasn't it?

That I brought the bike home from Og's place:

Yes, 9/11/11, it was.

And here's how it looks now:

...only a bit dirtier.

So I went to the Municipal Building to get my permit for the garage sale. It's too late for me to be in the book for the village-wide sale, but it's not too late for me to have my own garage sale and capitalize on all the garage salers who are sure to be prowling the neighborhoods of Crete on Friday and Saturday. Hooray for the network effect!

And since that counts as a "light errand" of course I took the bike. No need to haul lots of bulky or heavy items? Just going to take care of a few little bits of paperwork, close by and no precipitation? Take the motorcycle!

Gas is $4.26 a gallon again, after all.

Stopped at the gas station afterwards and dumped almost $9 worth of premium (at $4.66 per gallon) into the bike, because it was getting low. The trip odometer (for which I have still not found a zeroing knob--I might if I, y'know, looked for one) was at 327 when I filled the tank, so we'll see how far I go before another fillup.

Since I actually made note of the mileage, I might even learn my fuel economy the next time I fill her up! OMG!

Then I headed out to McDonald's, taking Exchange to 394 to Richton Road, and back roads from there. That was the first time I'd gone faster than 45 in quite a while--since the problems with the leaky tires first cropped up--and in fact had 'er up to 60 on 394 for perhaps a couple of miles. That's around 5,500 RPM in top gear, but I ran her much higher to accelerate to 60 MPH, so I'm pretty sure I cleaned out the high speed circuit in the carbs and blew carbon out of the cylinders to boot.

After getting my food, I noticed there was a significant turf mark right under the shifter shaft. I'd say the clutch seal and output shaft seals (at least) must get replaced this winter; hopefully I won't have to take the whole f-ing engine apart to do that.

* * *

As for today, I've got to cut the grass. Tomorrow looks like it'll be consumed with job stuff, because I have to be in Woodridge at 8:30 AM, which means I want to leave here no later than 6:30 AM in order to give myself PLENTY of time to get there. Which means getting up no later than 6 AM...and at that, 5:45 is probably wiser.

Once I'm done there, I'll be fain to exhausted; I might be able to hit Fry's afterwards, and might not, depending on how well I sleep tonight. That'll do for tomorrow, in any event.

Thursday, then, I must spend on prep for the garage sale. It's Friday and Saturday, and if I'm to take advantage of the network effect I'm going to have to be ready to sell stuff at 9 AM on Friday morning. So Thursday's going to vanish in a fog of price research and affixing stickers and-and-and.

Friday and Saturday--I'm going to want to have quick and easy food on hand so I can eat while minding the store.

Stunday, then, will require me to get up just as early as the prior two days, as I'll have to go to church and sing in choir; but after that, I'm going to sleep.

I really hope Comcast hires me...but I also really hope I don't actually start until the 24th. It depends on how they schedule their training classes, so it won't be up to me. But if I have to work on Monday, I'll do it, because haven't I slept in enough in the past three years?

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