atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3571: I don't know how things went yet.

I haven't heard anything--yea or nay--so we'll see how it goes.

Went to bed last night around 11:30, slept perhaps four hours, woke up around 3-ish, and then tossed and turned until 5.

I left the bunker at 6:30 AM, and got to the site at 7:30, and then proceeded to wait an hour and a half for the "group information session" to begin. That took an hour; after that I got interviewed and was out of there by 11 AM.

As arranged in advance I then went to Lemonzen's place, and proceeded to collapse; she got home from a doc appointment around 1-ish with food, so we ate lunch and then napped together. I ended up sleeping until almost 7 PM. Left sometime around sunset.

Hoofed it over to Fry's--no PCI video cards; everything they had was PCIe.

I might have found this out a lot faster if one of the four clerks discussing the setting of the video card gondola had interrupted their intense discussion to ask me if I needed help. Oh no, of course not! Why would they offer to help someone who's methodically picking up box after box and scrutinizing the specifications on each one? Why, because that lunatic might actually have a question which would interrupt their discussion, that's why!


In any event, despite sleeping away the afternoon I am still fain to exhausted, so I expect to go to bed relatively early tonight.

* * *

"When Tracy, a single mother-of-five, heard banging in her attic, she thought the worst it could be was an animal or a ghost."

"Mom, what's that noise?"

"Don't worry, junior; it's just a raccoon or a ghost."


...a ghost? Seriously?

As it turns out the guy wasn't living in her attic for 12 years or anything; he'd just been released from prison and somehow sneaked into her attic.

This is so stupid, I don't even know what to say about any of this.

* * *

Steven Den Beste: "I always thought that attacking an embassy was considered an act of war." Not when you've got an apologist for islam in the White House like Jimmy Carter 1.0 or Jimmy Carter 2.0, AKA "Barack Hussein Obama".

JayG notes that we should be stomping the everloving shit out of some people right now.

* * *

But if they're "just born that way" don't we have to allow them their proclivity?

We're supposed to unconditionally love homosexuality because homosexuals are "just born that way" and can't help it. They never chose to be gay; it was some kind of congenital or hereditary condition which makes them gay. Because they can't help it, we have no right to be critical of their lifestyles.

The fact is, back when society was debating the merits of liberalizing its attitudes towards homosexuality, every single argument presented in favor of doing so was correctly identified as a potential argument in favor of normalizing pedophilia, zoophilia, and a host of other non-normative sexual behaviors.

For exactly the same reasons.

* * *

Here are my choices for a video card for El-Hazard:

GeForce 6200. 512 MB of VRAM and an S-video connector.

Radeon HD 3450, also with 512 MB of VRAM and an S-video connector.

A different geForce 6200 with similar specs to the first one.


I'm leaning towards the Radeon card, because I've got a Radeon in Cephiro and like it pretty well.

* * *

...I'm tired. That was a pretty exhausting day--surprisingly exhausting.

Looks like the garage sale ain't happening this weekend, even though I spent A WHOLE FIVE DOLLARS on the permit. I'm going to spend tomorrow in a coma as it is, damn it, and there's no way I can run a garage sale when I'm already 85% in the bag.


Fortunately I know there'll be one in May or June, so I can plan on doing that one. Maybe by then I'll have found more stuff to sell.

* * *

Okay, now I'm going to log onto WoW and see what's what before I lose all consciousness.

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