atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3575: Okay, now that my errand is done....

Had to run an errand and chose to take the motorcycle. My errand took me to Homewood, so I took 394 most of the way home from there.

It was very nice, blasting through the twilight at 60 MPH, the engine singing at 5,000 RPM. I was almost perfectly comfortable despite the early autumn chill, and there were no retards screwing up my ride. It was nice.

When I got off the highway, the more sedate speeds on the surface roads made the engine seem a lot smoother than it has been, as if the bike had cleared its throat and was now breathing efficiently again. I don't know how much is relative and how much is absolute, but it sure felt good regardless.

All I know is, riding the motorcycle saved me quite a bit of fuel and it was fun to boot. And my mission was accomplished, too, so all is well.

* * *

"All is well" except, that is, for the economy. *sigh*

Karl Denninger says QE destroys jobs. Well, Bernanke has done QE1 and QE2 and unemployment remains at record levels, so I think that's a pretty fair assessment. Don't you?

"But don't worry, "core" inflation is contained." Yeah, those people who have to spend more of their meager incomes on food and energy, they are just proles, after all, and we've got millions of them.

As long as Al Gore and the other elites can still afford their private jets and 5.2 mansions, each of which individually consume as much energy as ten middle-class families, then everything is fine.

QE destroys wealth (by inflating currency) and it destroys employment, but as long as the politicians and banksters keep their jobs, who cares, right?


Ace on Obama's "masterful stewardship" of the economy. (He forgot to include an HTML close italics tag.)

* * *

Anyway, that's about it for now. More later...if you're lucky.

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