atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3576: STILL recuperating.


...I'm still sleeping a shitton after my interview on Wednesday.


Got up this morning long enough to run to the bank, so I'd have money to buy groceries; after feeding the cats, reading the comics, eating a PBJ, and running a couple randoms in WoW, I went back to bed around 11-ish and slept until 7.

At 7:30 I finally crowbarred my ass out of bed so I could at least go get the grocery shopping taken care of. Not having any energy, I went to Culver's for dinner rather than cook anything.

My "errand", yesterday, was to go get a "hairy lamp" for Lemonzen. She's loved my fiber optic lamp ever since she saw it, and I decided it was high time she had one of her own.

Just try to find a hairy lamp anywhere. *sigh* But yesterday I hied myself out to Menards (fail) and then to the Walmart in Homewood, skipping the Walmart that was virtually next door to Menards, because the one in Homewood is one of those "super" Walmarts with an auto shop and groceries and such. I was not disappointed; I found a nice hairy lamp that even makes nature sounds if you want it to, and it's lit with LEDs.

It took the last three AA batteries I had on hand, but she loves it to pieces.

...all of this to say that I bought $15 worth of batteries at the grocery store today, because I'm nearly out of AAA batteries too. Without AAA batteries my MP3 player won't work. Without AA batteries my camera won't work. Besides, the wireless keyboard and mouse take AAA and AA batteries, respectively. And various remote controls, and-and-and.

And the occasional hairy lamp.

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