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#3577: Effectively no warming in the past century.

I have often countered the claim that I'm a "global warming (or climate change) denier" by mentioning that I know the climate has changed over time, and in historical times to boot.

The econazis use the term "denier" in order to frame the discussion in a light that lets them win the argument. The idea is to put the challenger of AGW doctrine on the defensive right away by forcing him into defining his terms up front.

We don't deny that the climate is changing; we deny that human activity has any serious effect on that change.

But guess what? It looks like the climate is changing a lot slower than we think. I've often cited the 0.6° figure for 20th century warming; and most of that figure occurred before 1940--only it turns out that most of that figure is simply made-up data and the actual real warming that took place in the 20th century is closer to 0.1°.

Is that warming? Yes. Is that climate change? Yes. Is it significant?


The lack of significant warming blows a massive hole in the "global warming=man made=apocalypse" nonsense that the libs want us to believe. Atmospheric CO2 concentrations have been steadily increasing since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution--and the 20th century is no exception; in fact the rate of change has increased since 1900--and temperature has failed to follow the increase.

If temperature were a function of atmospheric CO2 concentrations we would see a demonstrable correlation which would not require adjusting, normalizing, or fiddling the numbers. Michael Mann, for example, would not have needed to write his now-infamous "hockey stick" program to demonstrate a causal link between CO2 and temperature, because any third-grader with a ruler and a piece of graph paper could plot the data points and show the curve.

The problem is, there isn't a causal link. CO2 simply does not drive Earth's temperature--so if you're desperate to prove that it does, the only thing you can do is make up data to prove your thesis.

But that's not "proof" any more than photoshopping yourself into a photograph with Abraham Lincoln proves that you're a time traveler.

* * *

Yesterday I went grocery shopping, and on impulse I bought a tube of jalapeno Pringles. And so far I've eaten about half the tube. *sigh*

They're just spicy enough without being overwhelming. So, here's something else I don't need to buy again, because I'll just eat and eat and eat and turn into a f-ing blimp. And who needs that?

* * *

So after church this morning--having ridden the bike--I decided to take a spin before going home. Partway through my ride I remembered that the nature preserve south of town had finally reopened, so I buzzed down 394 to its end and turned eastward.

The place--Goodenow Grove--has been much improved and they now have a bike path, too. If I ever get around to massaging my mountain bike into usable shape I might take it down there and try riding a bit to see what the path is like.

Having looked around--without getting off the motorcycle--I buzzed back home again, none the worse for wear.

* * *

The last three panels of today's Garfield strip make a great home-brewed Garfield Without Garfield strip:

I'm starting to wonder what's in that coffee cup. Maybe Guatemalan insanity coffee?

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