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#3579: Looks like we're following the curve quite nicely.

First comes depression, then comes war. Always-always.

Karl Denninger spells out the situation. It's not just the islamic savages in the middle east that are causing trouble; China and Japan are at loggerheads.

Japan doesn't have the military to attack China. That was written into their constitution in the wake of WW2; Japan has a self-defense force but has nothing like the kind of military required to start a war they'd have any hope of winning.

China, on the other hand...the Sea of Japan ain't that big and the Chinese were crossing it a thousand years ago. We have karate and other martial arts because China ruled Japan with an iron fist and forbade Japanese from owning weapons...hence the Japanese developed fighting skills that required no weapons. Like kara te, meaning "from the hand". Yeah.

(China also taught Japan how to write. That's why Japan's got the most complex written language in the modern world.)

So if China were to attack Japan, guess who'd have to step up to help Japan? Though, to be honest, I don't see the US lifting a finger to help Japan. All the big government types in D.C. just love China. Honestly--could you see Boss Tweek doing anything other than issuing a sternly-worded-but-mildly-delivered warning to China not to be such meany mean-heads?

I further cannot find fault with Denninger's conclusions about the root causes of this. The economic and energy policies of the US have been incredibly fuckin' stupid on an ongoing basis for about 20 years, now. Failing to exploit domestic energy sources, burning food, exporting jobs, confiscatory taxation, labrynthine regulation--it's made a mess not only of our own economy but of the economies of those countries that trade with us.

That doesn't even begin to include, by the way, our idiotic way of treating acts of war with unreasoned forebearance. The Carter-Clinton-Obama method of letting savages get away with perpetrating horrible atrocities against our embassy personnel, for example--committing what was once considered an unconscionable act of war has morphed into "protest" under the stewardship of these leftist fools, and I guess it's just too bad for those people in the foreign service.

Vox Day discusses the latest entry in this category, the islamic attacks against US personnel overseas, and their root causes in Obama administration policy...and in those of the Bush administration before it.

Because--yeah--there's plenty of blame to go around, here. The GOP is not innocent of this stupid crap, either.

Meanwhile, Israel is the only country acting sensibly about Iranian nukes. Israel is right in the crosshairs of any Iranian nuclear strike; it ought to be Israel which acts. The US ought to support Israel in this, but should otherwise stay out of it--this is probably the best way to accomplish our own goals of not being the next on Amahdinejad's target list.

Do I think that's how it'll go down? Forevermore, why would I think that? Old Slammin' Barry-O, he thinks he's the bestest with the mostest; I have no doubt that he believes he can run that war better than anyone else on the planet and will be saying, "Benny, here's the thing: I'm President of the Yoonited States, and what I say goes, right? 'Cause otherwise you're going to be standing out there with your dick in the wind."


One can scarcely imagine the dry disdain with which the historians of the future will describe this period in history.

* * *

Obamanomics is a miserable failure. Beyond miserable.

"Obama's economic program of tax, spend and regulate has been a dismal failure. And now his Fed chairman is acting dramatically to bail him out. Guess what? It won't work." Of course it won't. It can't; Bernanke's QE3 isn't going to work any better than QE2 did.

The problem is, it's all they've got. Anything else requires that the economy first get worse before the healing can begin, and the sitting government simply cannot allow that as there's going to be an election in a bit more than two months.

The US government is spending $1,300 billion more than it takes in, borrowing to cover the shortfall; if Paul Volker were suddenly resurrected and put in charge of the Fed again he wouldn't dare do what he did in the Reagan years, because the federal budget would rapidly become impossible. Interest payments on the debt would rise precipitously, thus eradicating the ability of the government to pay for anything else at all whatsoever--and the moment that happened, the blue model would be done and the vote-buying of the last 60 years would end.

The big government types in D.C. would rather let you starve and freeze in the dark than give up their cushy positions with all the perks and privileges. Besides, the inner cities will burn when the gravy train ends, taking the big Democrat machines with them.

The problem is that there can be no other ending. Deficit spending cannot continue forever, and we are fast approaching the end of the road. We have some choice right now as to how bad the collapse will be when the music stops--but as time goes on, the latitude we've got for maneuvering gets ever smaller.

* * *

And we continue to have incredibly asinine energy policy.

EPA is going to force us to buy four gallons at a time? What?

Here's the deal.

1) Most cars on the road can't use gasoline with more than 10% ethanol (E10).

2) EPA issues rules allowing 15% ethanol blends (E15).

3) Gas stations, not wanting to install separate pumps for E15, set up to dispense E15 from the same hose as E10.

4) EPA requires gas stations doing so to dispense not less than 4 gallons at a time to prevent damage to vehicles that aren't built for E15.


Wouldn't it be simpler just to rescind the E15 permits? "Okay, this is a bad idea and we're reversing our decision." Except that government can never be wrong.


You know, if we would just stop trying to use food as fuel the entirety of this moronic cockmonkery could be dispensed with. The US has more freaking oil under it than the rest of the world combined yet we persist with this feckless insistence on doing things in as inefficient and backwards a fashion as humanly possible.

Which is why a gallon of gasoline costs more than twice what it did four years ago. Gas has reached an all-time high for September of an election year.

Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Democrats!

* * *

More like re-rebranding Ernesto "Che" Guevara a butcher. Guevara was a murderous thug all along; the left loves him because he was a communist murderous thug. (Wait, that's redundant.) The American left has never met a communist or a socialist it didn't like; hell, they were just fine with Hitler, even...right up until the day he attacked the USSR. Then--and only then--did Hitler suddenly become a bad guy in their eyes. Then--and only then--did Hitler stop being a socialist. Yeah.

As for Ernesto:
After Fidel Castro seized power in 1959, Che was instrumental in setting up forced-labor camps for dissidents, gays, and devout Catholics. He was put in charge of La Cabaña Fortress prison for five months. There are varying accounts of how many people were executed under his command during that time, and how many deaths are attributed directly to Che as opposed to the regime overall, but some sources say that more than 100 journalists, businessmen, and followers of the previous regime faced death by firing squad at La Cabaña, under Che’s jurisdiction.
This is the true face of communism. Gays who think that leftism is about freedom and egalitarianism are sadly deluded, because when a communist revolution is successful the very first thing it does is to imprison or execute all known homosexuals, deviants, and perverts.

And old Ernesto's buddy Fidel was no exception.

"But China!" You say. "China has liberal policies regarding homosexuality!" Sure it does. Now, some sixty years after Mao seized power. But that's part of the curve, too, because as the ruling elite inexorably lose their grip on the reins of power their controls on society must necessarily also slacken. China's liberalizing of their policies on homosexuality is a symptom of their decline, not proof that communism is egalitarian.

...though that's a whole 'nother discussion, right there, and one I don't care to delve into right now.

* * *

Looks like the video card for El-Hazard will be delivered tomorrow. It arrived in Harvey this morning; it'll be taken off a trailer and put into a delivery truck which will then be driven around the Fungal Vale tomorrow.

If things go the way they usually do, I expect it to arrive just as I'm gearing up to go to Bible study. But that's fine; it can wait on the counter until I get home. And then I get to see if El-Hazard can indeed run WoW.

* * *

Today I have a home-brewed Garfield Without Garfield:

I don't know if that's kosher, though. Jon's not supposed to mention other people, particularly not anyone resembling a girlfriend. So I did this alternate version:

Considering how much the original G-W-G guy changes the strips around, though, I suppose I can get away with the first one.

Well, I guess it's fine either way.

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