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#3580: How about you guys go [fornicate] yourselves with pork chops?

Pakistanis want US to enact sharia blasphemy laws.

About 11 months ago I said,
The least-tolerant religion in the world expects everyone to bend over backwards for them.

Fuck islam. Fuck it with a dildo made of pig bones and lubricated with bacon grease.
My response to this kind of thing is also the same. If Pakistan doesn't want us to have a consulate there, then we should accommodate them: pull out not only our consular staff but all of our military and foreign aid.

...but this is a small group of assholes, not the whole country. But I think if the US started a program of "we're not going to stay where we're not wanted" you would see a lot of countries suddenly and mysteriously cease to tolerate such public protests against the US.

I suppose it's too much to expect that ignorant savages wouldn't understand the concept of freedom of expression coming--as they do--from a religion which keeps them mired in the 7th century.

Related: while we're at it, let's just leave Afghanistan in the seventh century, too. The Afghani people don't want to join the rest of us in the 21st century, so let's stop trying to make them. It's a waste of resources.

* * *

I don't know what the law is in England but here in the US there are plenty of jurisdictions where a baby isn't considered a baby until and unless its mother wants it.

I don't know what people are getting so upset about. She had an unwanted pregnancy and she terminated it. Right?

* * *

Things ain't looking good in China. To get loans, steel companies put up steel as collateral. Having failed to pay their loans, their collateral is forefeit; but the collateral is either pledged to multiple creditors or else it's entirely fictional.

Not good. There are enough problems with the world economy in general--and China's economy in particular--that one more is not a good idea. The problem is, the way China does business, this revelation is not exactly surprising. How many more similar stories are there just waiting to come out of China?

A lot of folks aren't optimistic about the direction this is heading.

* * *

Science fiction? No, real science.

Using a single CO molecule as an atomic force probe to get an image of a molecule.


Warp drive. Earth to Alpha Centauri in two weeks--using about 500 kg worth of fuel. Finding loopholes in the laws of physics is the path to the stars. So much the better if we don't have to deal with all that tedious mucking about in hyperspace.

* * *

Theoretically, the video card for El-Hazard is supposed to be delivered today. It's one of those deals where UPS delivers it to the post office, which then does the final residential delivery...and the video card was delivered to the Harvey post office yesterday.

Can the video card make it from Harvey to the Fungal Vale, and thence to the bunker, today? I have my doubts, but I am more than prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

El-Hazard was having exactly the same update troubles as Seiren, the laptop; but since El-Hazard and Cephiro are connected via the ethernet switch and I've already got share folders set up, I just copied Cephiro's copy of WoW to El-Hazard and moved it into the correct place. El-Hazard still had to run the updater, but since all the data (and patch files) were right there, it only had to do a couple of minor things before reporting that WoW was up to date and ready to rock.

Now, once I get the video card in and the current drivers installed, it ought to be pretty fair dinkum.

* * *

Anticipating the release of Mists of Pandaria (MoP) next week (already!) Lemonzen and I sat down the other night and watched the first five episodes of Ranma 1/2 so she'd be able to get all the Ranma references in MoP.

When Genma first appeared on the screen, I said to her, "That is the original Kung-Fu Panda!"

We're planning to watch another five eps relatively soon, though we're not quite sure when "soon" is going to be.

WoW is, of course, shut down for Tuesday maintenance, and will be until at least 1 PM. Next week ought to be entertaining; I've been playing WoW since December of 2008 and I have never seen a major update go smoothly.

Anyway, having watched some of the anime, I found myself with a hankering to hear the soundtrack music, so I dug out the CDs this morning to listen to while I write the usual blog post.

* * *

I had the usual windows open last night, so when I woke up at 7 this morning (after getting to bed after 5) it was frickin' cold in here. Thermostat in the hall says 66, and I considered switching on the heat--but instead I put on sweat pants and a hoodie, and am perfectly comfortable.

If I can keep the heat off until October? Win.

* * *

Must remember this phrase: "Mad enough to chew thorium and spit mushroom clouds." It's from this post, and I only found it because I'm trying to figure out when I turned the heat on last year.

I haven't found that, but I did find that I joined choir on November 3 of last year. Whee!

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