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#3583: We shall see.

Last night I got a call from Lemonzen: she'd had a terrible, terrible day and wanted to see me, so I threw myself together and hied myself up to the Citrus Grove.

She finally managed to get to sleep perhaps an hour after I got there. Though she didn't really sleep all that well she did get some sleep, which was much better than she had managed before she called me.

Meanwhile, Ormus hit 85th level and began gearing up for Cata heroics. I also cooked some food for her (a simple skillet meal, nothing elaborate) and in general tried to be the reassuring boyfriend. (She says I did just fine, as always.)

About 6 AM I went in to see how she was doing and she wanted to be held some more, so I climbed in with her. Then we both fell asleep despite her cat Critter's best efforts at keeping us awake so we'd pay attention to him.

Woke up around 9:30-ish and decided I ought to get home and feed my cats.

After I left her place, I went to an asian grocery store I'd found last week when I was up that way for my interview at Comcast. The place largely caters to Filipinos and has the worst "movie theater sticky floor" I've ever encountered. I was actually relieved that there was nothing I wanted to buy there, because damn.

Then went to Fry's, because I wanted to check out their selection of cases. I found a very nice mini-ITX case with a 300 watt power supply for $40 and bought one. If that doesn't help, I don't know what will--but at least it's a small case and I can always buy another mini-ITX mobo later to stuff into whichever case ends up being the spare.

Last stop was the oriental market in Orland Park, where I picked up two bags of gyoza (pot stickers, pork and chicken), soba, and a couple of snacks. So the usual 1-hour drive from Citrus Grove to the Fungal Vale took more than two hours. *sigh*

And today is Thursday, which means therapy and choir practice. Whee! I expect to go to bed at 8 PM tonight and sleep like a man drugged.

* * *

Not the market but the profits. There's an ancient meteor crater in Siberia which contains a stupefying amount of diamonds--enough to supply world needs for three thousand years.

The thing is, diamonds are already pretty common. If the supply of diamonds were not carefully controlled, they'd cost about as much as pea gravel, because modern mining methods make extracting diamonds from rock an easy prospect--even in industrial quantities.

Much the same way OPEC conspires to keep oil prices high, the diamond cartels conspire to keep high the price of common crystalline carbon.

* * *

Antarctic sea ice sets a record. There is more sea ice around Antarctica than ever. This is, of course, proof that man-made global warming is real and happening now.

* * *

Seven of the ten wealthiest counties in the United States surround Washington, D.C. Big surprise: where there is power, there is wealth.

* * *

Alan Caruba says Obama may be preparing to enact martial law before the elections. If something like that were to happen, it would be "only for the duration of the emergency" and it would mean postponing elections and confiscating firearms and-and-and.

Obama's already got the "cult of personality" thing going on. That's been going on since 2008; this is just the latest example.

* * *

Vetting Obama, four years late.

* * *

Denninger doesn't see any hope for the economy and I'm right there with him.

* * * be honest I'm not sure how I'll make it to choir practice without getting some shut-eye. *sigh*

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