atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3584: Is it 1979? WTF.

A reactor at Three Mile Island shut down "unexpectedly".

The circle is now complete. Obama=Carter. We are where we were.

* * *

I did not make it to choir practice.

Around 5 PM, I thought, "I bet we'll be doing the song that was originally slated for last week," and then laid down.

Lemonzen called around 8 PM, but after talking for a few minutes she decided to get off the phone and let me sleep. When I woke up again, it was 11.

Got the trash out and the motorcycle put away, then nuked a leftover hamburger and sat down here.


...on my trip to Og's this past Sunday the bike's tach stopped working, and after getting home from therapy I parked it on its center stand and made with the finagling. Turns out the tachometer cable is perhaps a centimeter too short. I took it off to make sure it could turn and wasn't broken (both conditions were true) and then tried reinstalling it with the engine running. Turns out that if I don't install the tach side exactly right it pulls the drive sprocket off the gizmo on the engine and the tach won't work.

But I managed to get everything put back together and it works again. No idea what the hell the deal is here but as long as it works I guess I can't really complain much.

The bike seemed to be running rough, though. It's not missing a beat but it just seemed harsher than usual--and maybe that was entirely my imagination.

Og had an excellent theory about the fancy valve caps he installed on the bike way back when causing my intermittent flat tires, but I've managed to disprove that one by taking them off the bike. The front tire still went flat. Besides, the tires held pressure for several years while the thing was sitting in his shed with those same caps on.

Oh well.

* * *

Anyway, the new case for El-Hazard sits on the coffee table. I don't know when I'll get after that little project. Maybe later this evening, maybe tomorrow.

What I do know is that Ormus hit 85th and I want to use his new maxed-out power to beat up monsters and take their stuff.

(Incidentally--looks like his mana is maxed at 100,000. Go Ormus!)

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