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#3585: Can we have gyoza for breakfast?

Mommy dear, mommy dear
Gotta have 'em in Ginza
Where everyone's a millionaire
Catch a jumbo, across the water
Like to see the orient, no.

* * *

Chik-fil-A hasn't changed their donations policy but the press, for some reason, is reporting that they have.

Got to get to the last several paragraphs of the article before it begins making any kind of sense: it's an attempt by pro-gay groups to change Chick-fil-A's stance. By making up news to the effect that Chick-fil-A has seen the light and is now enthusiastically supporting homosexuality, they hope to engender a self-fulfilling prophesy.

It didn't work with the Boy Scouts, though.

* * *

Yesterday I said that record high levels of Antarctic sea ice during austral winter were proof of global warming. Today Arse Technica comes along and says that during boreal summer the arctic sea ice melted to a record decline. This is also proof of global warming.

This is the same graph, by the way, which gives 1979-2000 as a "baseline" and then fails to include the data for 2001-2007. And which runs from June through October, utterly ignoring the winter months...and therefore not showing us how the ice sheet recovers or where it sits at its peak.

Take a look at the line for 2012. Notice that it's perhaps 300,000 square kilometers lower than the ideal peak for 1979-2000, and well within the deviation bar? And even 2007's start in June of that year is at the bottom of the deviation bar.

They're not showing us the winter months because the ice recovers every winter. That's why they don't show the whole year--and I'd wager they're not showing us 2001-2006 because the ice levels will demolish their "human carbon emissions are causing global warming" thesis.

If the arctic were warming, the ice wouldn't recover to levels that approximate the historical average. But they are recovering, and do so every year. (Even in 2007 they did.)

The article then goes on to say that the increasing Antarctic ice sheet is due to global warming.

So there you have it: global warming is making the Arctic ice shrink and the Antarctic ice grow.

* * *

This Vox Day post is a transcript of a radio interview and it's very long, but it is well worth reading. It's all about the global economy and how much things suck; if you want to know the how and why of the current depression, this is the article to read.

* * *

Super-low interest rates have been the norm since the 1990s and they haven't done a damned let's double down on it!
Greenspan's policies in response to the tech market collapse, which Bernanke has emulated and in fact Bernanke wrote his "seminal paper" on monetary policy during that time, have been factually proven not to work.
Emphasis removed.


As the Vox Day piece points out, everything that they're doing props up the banks and Wall Street at the expense of the rest of us. Rich Democrats and rich Republicans sit down with rich bankers and rich financiers and they all decide what's to be done, all without caring about thinking on considering the possibility that you and I are going to suffer for it.

QE3 is about saving the banks, not the housing market or the economy or employment statistics.

* * *

Everything is going to shit in a handbasket and I can't cope.

* * *

"Today, I dropped a whole batch of penis-shaped cookies on the floor. Then I thought, '5-second rule' and started eating them. And then I realized that I was home alone, in pajamas, eating broken dick-cookies off the floor. FML

Let me fix that for you. Here is your FML, rendered more pithy:

"Today, I was making penis-shaped cookies. FML"

I think if people understood how pathetic it is to make cookies shaped like genitals we'd all be better off.

* * *

As for me, I slept all night. I woke up around 11 and was up until perhaps 1:30, but otherwise I slept. And when I woke up, I fired up the deep fryer and cooked 12 gyoza for breakfast.

Problem is, unless you eat a lot of them (more than 12) gyoza are really just a snack or an appetizer or a side dish.

This is why I like to have ham and cheese on hand. When I don't feel like cooking, a ham and cheese sandwich is perfectly acceptable.

What I don't like to do is buy the cheap Hormel "Spam under a different name" stuff that's on sale this week.

* * *

Mists of Pandaria goes live on Tuesday. I can hardly wait to make Cadwallader Jenkins the Pandarian monk. This is gonna be a hoot.

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