atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3586: Guess I wasn't Comcastic enough.

Yeah, I just got an e-mail telling me I'm not going to be working for Comcast.

...on the plus side there's a job fair on Thursday of next week not too far from here, and I can throw some resumes at the companies there. And holiday hiring season is about to fire up big-time, too, so hopefully I can see what's going on in that direction.

Still, it's a bummer.

* * *

Could Allah have originally been a Babylonian god?


I'm not going to touch that one.

* * *

Okay: I did the big El-Hazard Brain Transplant today, and I'm seeing exactly the same behavior as I did before I did it.

I think I like the new case better, though, as its power supply has a fan and there are plenty of places to mount auxiliary fans.

So now the problem comes down to one of two things: either the total inability to disable the embedded video in BIOS is the problem, or else the new video card is junk.

I'm going to get an RMA for the video card and send it back, but regardless it looks as if this ain't gonna happen before MoP comes out on Tuesday. Argh etc.

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