atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3596: $10

...I didn't expect it to be that cheap.

For the princely sum of $10 my motorcycle's luggage rack has been mended. Not invisibly, but some care was taken to clean up the weld after it was accomplished, and if I spend a little time with a die grinder I can knock back the lumpiness a bit further and it'll look decent.

On my way home from the welding shop I saw a Mexican food stand at the town's "European market" in the church parking lot, and failed my Will save; so I turned around, went to the bank for cash, and spent $8.50 on yummy mexican food. The flautas were delicious, but the tacos--genuine Mexican tacos are relatively dry with no cheese or anything, and I already knew that when I ordered them. I have to keep that in mind.

I have their card and I believe it's a regular restaurant around here somewhere--so I'll be finding it and going there for more of this stuff. It's good.

What I've really had a taste for over the past week or so is fajitas.

* * *

Ormus hit 87th level last night, and now has over 10k GP in his pocketbook. Whee!

* * *

Tasks for today? Well, I'd like to clean the house a bit--dishes, sweep the kitchen, vacuum--then maybe see about getting something done towards cleaning up the basement. Maybe get the motorcycle put back together, too, though that shouldn't take too much effort.

Monday's going to come awfully quick, and I've got to be ready for my interview--but it's at 4 PM, which ought to be a mark in my favor. I'm not much of a morning person; though I can do it I'm much better in the afternoon, so hopefully that'll help matters. If I can nail this interview (the way I didn't at Comcast) the job ought to be mine, and then I can actually earn a paycheck again.

Especially since I have experience doing this kind of work, as opposed to the job at Comcast.

* * *

...I used to be referred to as "Mr. E" by a couple of my friends, briefly, in the mid-1980s. It never went very far but it was mildly humorous.

* * *

Here's a home-brewed Garfield Without Garfield:

Here, Jon is on the verge of unifying the four fundamental forces of nature.

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