atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3598: It's Sunday and there's nothing.

Not really "nothing" but "nothing out there on Al Gore's Intardbus that I feel like discussing."

I rode the motorcycle to church again today. I had to fill both front and rear tires again as both were completely flat, again.

When church was over I was going to take my usual post-church ride, but the rear tire felt spongy, so I went home first. Sure enough it had lost almost half its air while I was in church.

[Many bad words redacted.]

If my interview tomorrow is successful and I get the job, when I get home from it (or as soon as they tell me I've got the job) I'm going to order new tires and inner tubes for the motorcycle.

Yesterday I sprayed the front tire with soapy water and tried to see where the leak is, and found nothing obviously wrong, which means it's the inner tube which is leaking. I could just get new inner tubes and install them if I wanted to drive myself insane, but if I just get a firkin' job I can afford to spend a little money on tires, exactly the way I've wanted to all along.

That way, instead of having to remove and install tires twice, I only have to do it once.

As it is, I'm looking at not being able to use the motorcycle much until this is corrected. If the rear tire is going flat in a couple hours I can't really ride the motorcycle very far, can I? I mean, I can pump up the rear tire, ride to the store to pick up a couple of items, and then ride home--but that's about it. I can't ride to church for Bible study, stay there for two hours, and then ride home on a flat rear tire!

And it's for damn sure I can't use the bike to run longer errands, either.

All of this sucks because the bike gets five times the fuel economy of the Jeep in town. The bike does 65 MPG, the Jeep 13; with gas costing $4 a gallon it only makes sense to use the bike for what errands I possibly can. That's one of the reasons I got the thing in the first place.

Well--owning a motor vehicle means performing maintenance on it, and replacing wear items, and I knew it needed tires going in. Realistically speaking, I've gotten a year's use out of the thing before I had to do much of anything with the tires, so I'm actually ahead of the game.

But I'm starting to think that dang gremlin bell isn't working for shit.

* * *

Another home-brewed Garfield Without Garfield:

Watch out, Jon. It's allergy season.

True fact: Jim Davis is allergic to cats.

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