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#3601: Today I will order motorcycle tires.

...but not yet. I'm going to do a blog post and take a nap, because I still haven't got much energy. Bible study tonight at 7, of course.

The interview process was stressful but at least I got through it. And I did the drug test right there: they have a mouth swab that you swish around your cheeks and gums for 15 seconds or so, then stick under your tongue until the test strip turns pink. The swab was negative (of course) so now I'm just waiting on a background check. Unless conditions have changed significantly since 2005 I expect I'll pass that. The HR person told me to pencil in Friday, 10/12/12, as "orientation day".

The offered shift is first shift, which is 6A-2P. (Sometimes 5A-2P or 3P, depending on workload.)

I don't know what days I'll be working, yet. I'm hoping to have Sundays off, because if I'm working 6 AM to 2 PM it means I can still go to Bible study and be in choir! Win.

...the HR person told me that "sometimes" they have overtime Saturday shifts, so it sounds to me as if they only operate M-F...which seems odd. But, what the hey--if it's a regular workweek with regular weekends and I can still do all my church stuff (and don't have to shave for work every day!) why the fuck would I complain?

* * *

My employment does not change the fact that we're still in the worst recession since the 1930s. It does seem a little ungrateful of me to make note of that fact, but just because one suburbanite git gets a job schlepping boxes doesn't mean that the millions of unemployed folks are now going to be living large.

* * *

Where is the ACLU? It's a clear-cut First Amendment case; NYC is imposing restrictions on speech and respecting an establishment of religion in the process.

Except...oh, wait--the "religion" in question is actually the death cult, and since islam is the religious darling of the left, guess what the American Communist Liberals' Union has to say about "respecting an establishemt of religion"?


In fact, it's just fine with the left because they don't like Israel or Jews anyway. That article makes it sound as if this is a new phenomenon, but it really isn't. The left has been all about "you have to shut up because I disagree with you" for decades.

* * *

Gas prices remain high because our sitting President is anti-energy.

But never fear! Automakers are going to make engines ever-more efficient! A four-cylinder engine will cost $20,000 to build but it'll get almost 35 MPG on the highway!


* * *

Pixy Misa has a post up about the AMD Trinity processors, and it's making me think this might be a way to build a mini-ITX machine capable of playing WoW.

The article he links compares the AMD Trinity to an i7, which is probably not the best comparison to make. The i5 is probably a better comparison, and as graphics performance is what I'm really interested in the on-board graphics processing capacity is pretty important.
Against the competitively-priced Intel Core i3, the CPU results are mixed, though the Intel chip does show better single-threaded performance. The GPU results are entirely one-sided, though, with the AMD chips showing two, three, four, and in the case of Civilization V a humiliating seven times the speed of Intel's integrated graphics.
The processor speed of my humble dual-core Atom (running at 1.2 GHz) is sufficient to the task of running WoW (though it would not be an optimal gaming experience) so the single-thread performance is less important than the GPU numbers.

Mind you, I'm not talking about building a high-zoot WoW machine that can run it with all the graphics sliders maxed out; I'm talking about running the game with a better screen update speed than 5 FPS, which is the maximum that El-Hazard could manage in its native configuration.

I'm still convinced that it's because of shared RAM and the generic Intel graphics chip on the motherboard, though. Move the graphics memory and processor off the motherboard and onto the expansion bus, and the thing should work just fine. (The problem is, of course, getting the thing to run.)

My recent searches have revealed to me that--gasp!--one can buy a mini-ITX motherboard for nearly any processor (including an i7) so I'm expecting there to be a mini-ITX mobo for AMD Trinity processors, sooner or later. So that'll be an interesting experiment.

What would really be made of win would be if I could get a mini-ITX board for an Intel i5--which I can now--but with a PCI-E slot and a RAM capacity greater than 4 GB (which I can't, as far as I can tell). Then I could put that into the new mini-ITX case and return the Atom board to the old one, and have an i5 machine that screamed and which would sit on my desktop taking up almost no room.

Might as well wish for a pony, while I'm at it.

* * *

Well! That nap ain't gonna take itself.

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