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#3602: Looks like I will NOT order motorcycle tires today.

My cat has cancer.

IttyBit came to me when she was four years old. Her prior owner had to be put into a nursing home because he was no longer able to care for himself, and the other choice was to take her to the pound. She and Luna have never gotten along as well as I'd hoped they would but they do seem to get along well enough.

Today she was laying in the sun in the spare bedroom, and I went in there to pet her; as I did I noticed that her jaw on the left side looked odd. A "chop check" revealed a swelling under her tongue and I could feel a lump under her jaw on that side.

Made appointment to take her to the vet this afternoon.

Vet examined her and said, "Tumor or cancer." And there's nothing they can really do about it.

That Kipling poem about dogs applies to cats, too.

For the time being the cat seems okay, so I didn't have to have her put down today. She's still eating and has approximately normal energy. But it's not going to be very long.


Well, just have to do what I have to do, like it or lump it. But going to the vet took an hour out of my afternoon, and Bible study is at 7, so I'm going to put off ordering motorcycle tires until tomorrow.

* * *

And Trooper Lefty pointed me at this motherboard which is mini-ITX, supports Core i3 and i5 processors, can accommodate up to 16 GB of RAM, and has a PCI-E slot.

And it's $127.

...a Core i3 processor can be had for about $80, and figure perhaps another $80 for memory--so maybe $300 later I'd have a perfectly acceptable Core i3 system that would roast my present desktop (Cephiro) and fit comfortably next to the monitor.

The only drawback would be the lack of room for hard drives. The old case for El-Hazard could accommodate two 3.5" drives; the new case has room only for one. But I could install the two data drives currently in Cephiro into the old El-Hazard case with the Foxconn motherboard, then configure it to work as a NAS box with freeware.

Leaving me with "Cephiro without storage". I'd probably reinstall its original hard drive, and then Cephiro could be used for--well, lots of things, I suppose.

Spend $300 and end up with three functioning computers, two of which could run WoW just fine. Tempting...very tempting.

We'll see how I feel about the idea in a few weeks. Maybe I'll do it and maybe I won't, but I have to admit it's a cool idea.

* * *

Time is asking a question most people already know the answer to. "Are we already in a recession?"

Earth to Time: we never left the recession. Maybe if you left the coastal cities and took an honest look at life out here where most Americans live you wouldn't have to ask the question.


* * *

Five million people died because of global cooling in 2010. Whoops! No! The study claims five million people died because of global warming.

Even though there hasn't been any warming since 1998, even though the total warming for the 20th century is about 0.1°C, even though that warming isn't tracking CO2 concentrations--still, five million people are dead due to YOUR SUV, asshole.

This is nothing but more of the warmista horseshit.

* * *

Argh. Well, maybe I can do some WoW before Bible study.

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