atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3603: Well, what the hell are we worried about, then?

Never fear! Iran is years away from being able to put a nuclear warhead on an ICBM, so we're all safe as houses! I mean, after all, an ICBM is the only possible way to deliver a nuclear warhead to a target, right? You couldn't stick a nuclear bomb in a cargo ship and sail it into New York Fucking Harbor and then set off the bomb! What the fuck, you think those islamic guys are insane and would willingly blow themselves to kingdom come?

You know? You couldn't drive a truck across the US-Mexico border under cover of darkness carrying a container with a nuclear bomb inside it. That's just crazy talk!

That whole thing about Hiroshima and Nagasaki being blown up by bombs dropped from airplanes--that was a story told by the military to hide the fact that we'd had intercontinental ballistic missiles as early as 1933.

Nope! The only way to deliver a nuclear bomb to a target is to stick it on top of an ICBM and fire that bitch on a ballistic trajectory!


Sarcasm aside--the article is full of cautionary statements to the effect of "We really don't know...." which at least is true. We don't know what the hell Iran's got; all we know is what they want to do once they have the tools.

But you do not need to stick an atomic warhead on a missile to deliver it to its target. Sure, it's more advantageous to you to use a missile--airbursting a nuclear warhead multiplies the damage done--but it's not the only way to do it.

And even given that Iran wants to go ahead and use a missile to loft the bomb high enough to EMP the eastern seaboard of the US, you don't need an ICBM to do that. You just need enough rocket to loft the warhead above about 20 or 30 miles, and practically any swinging dick can manage to build a rocket that can do that. Hide the launcher in containers and once you're within striking distance dump them overboard, erect the launch tower, shout allahu akhbar, and press the big red button. So what if the ship sinks? You're headed to paradise and 72 virgins, baby!


Do these fucking morons not get what islam is about? Is that the problem?

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